The Czech is in the Mail: Czech President Accused of Palming Pen

This video has people talking about whether Vaclav Klaus, the Czech president, knowingly used the five-finger discount to take a ceremonial pen during a state visit to Chile — as 5 million people watched. You be the judge.

Spokesperson Radim Ochvat insists that there was no criminal scienter to take the pen encrusted with semiprecious Chilean lapis lazuili stones. Indeed, Chilean President Sebastián Piñera is saying that he is more than willing to make the pen a gift.

As the article below discusses (and supports with a video), in 2008 French President Nicolas Sarkozy was accused of scarfing a pen.

Source: New York Times

6 thoughts on “The Czech is in the Mail: Czech President Accused of Palming Pen”

  1. Hopefully the Pen…is not a “Male Extension” for this guy…… a Pen Fetish…..hmmmmm……I wonder what a real man gets outta that….lol

  2. Oh so clever, AY…

    Maybe he thought it was a gift and didn’t want to bother with the box? A pen fetish? A sick man?

    I once worked with a guy who would run around the hospital at night stealing pens… (He wasn’t a nurse or a doctor, FWIW…)

  3. Hey look now those are the Chech’s Precious Gems, just because they happen to be found in Chili does not mean that they are not mine…. I am appropriating the pen to show my country…. it is a matter of national security that the pen ended up with me….

    Ah but the Checkered Chech Check Kiter…..strikes yet again….

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