Camden Police Reportedly Fired Over 30 Rounds To Kill 8-Month-Old Puppy — Hitting Homes and Cars in Terrified Neighborhood

We have another controversy over a police officer shooting a pet. Sherronda Aycox’s 8-month old blue pit bull Capone was killed in a hail of bullets that also hit vehicles and houses, including one house with a family inside. This is only the latest in a long list of such cases.

The police were reportedly responding to a call about a fight between teenagers when Capone ran out of an open door and toward the officers. The officers fired 33 rounds that turned the block into a war zone. She says that one cop stood over the puppy and continued to shoot him.

Neighbors were incensed because of the large number of children in the area at the time. According to one article, one bullet went through a family’s front window and required a grandmother to throw her grandchildren to the floor to avoid being hit.

I am not a big fan of pit bulls and the family should not have allowed the dog to get out. However, the response in this case seems excessive and further endangered citizens in the area.

Source: Courier Post

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  1. Boy some of you yahoos make me seriously glad I live in a rural environment with 8 foot fencing for my pit bulls. Not to protect YOU from them , but to protect THEM from you. I am a canine behavioral evaluator. I also rescue pit bulls. I own 5 of them, 3 of whom are licenced therapy dogs and visit our injured soldiers and veterans. I also have a rottweiler that is my handicapped childs service dog. We have 6 foster dogs here looking for homes, all of them pit bulls. There is no fighting amongst dogs at my house, there is no mauling of people at my house. I train dogs privately , and NONE of my clients are pit bulls , the dogs I work with that have serious behavioral issues are all small or medium breed dogs. I have been bitten by more than 30 dogs, 0 of them pit bulls.

    Dogs are not HUMAN. They do not posess the thought processes , the emotions or the ability to choose the way the we HUMANS do. dogs react to their environment. Dogs react to who owns them. If pit bulls could choose , 90% of them wouldnt choose the owners they have, because 90% of pit bull owners should own so much as a pet rock, let alone a dog. When only 10% of the population of people that own the dogs are RESPONSIBLE , there are going to be massive problems. Leave the dog fighting population out of the equation , and you are left with a bunch of people that see them as status symbols and who think its A OK to breed them indiscrimiately , walk them around wearing chains and padlocks on their necks , who dont socialize them , train them or even take them to the vet. 10% of pit bull owners , know the breed , know what they are doing and are excellent owners and advocates for the breed , the other 90% are either abusing , neglecting , fighting , or just plain ignorant to what they own. They do stupid tings like letting them run out their frontdoors loose in the neighborhood, they leave them chained, they destroy the dogs temperment , because they are trying to portray a certain image. Any dog , no matter the breed when in the wrong situation is eventually going to be in trouble , but its the HUMANS that allow the situations to perpetuate, NOT THE DOGS.

    One of my dogs saved my daughters life. She is a 12 yr old pit bull, that at the age of 10 , saved my daughter from a neighbors dog that was running loose and attacked her. Our dog threw herself infront of the other dog and was savagely torn apart, SHE NEVER BIT THE OTHER DOG ONCE. She sacrificed her body and her life for my child and had only been a member of our family for two weeks. Her loayalty and willingness to give her very LIFE for my child cemented forever in my mind the breeds love for people. I have another dog , someone paid $3500 to chain him in their yard. He is a show quality , blue and white pit bull. One afternoon the owner got pissed at him , because he barked three times. Tha man came out of his house , and beat him with a shovel and kicked him until he snapped his spine in two places. My dog is now paralyzed and in a wheelchar and he wears diapers because he is incontinent. He didnt deserve that , but it is reperesentitive of the treatment that the breed as a whole endures. My dogs former owner went to jail for animal cruelty , and my dog is now a happy , well adjustedlittle fella who loves peple and who teaches children about animal cruelty and about handicapped pets. Bottom line, the dogs in the right situataions make amazing , loya, and wonderful pets , in the wrong hands , disaster can happen , but its the PEOPLE that need charging. Shooting something over 30 times is abhorrent and intolerable behavior and the cops need to pay for their behavior, just like every BAD pit bull owner needs punishment for their behavior , not their DOGS.

  2. Strange that there is not much of a followup. The dog aside, there was an astonishing huge reckless use of force.

  3. I don’t care what people say about pits read this…. nowhere is there a pit listed. I am a pit bull foster mom and seriously thinking about keeping her. She is a great dog and I have had her since she was 6 wks old and would not trade her for anything in this world. I also have 7 other dogs 6 of which are listed in the top 3 of this article
    Just because the dog went running at the cops does not give them legal justification to shoot the dog. Pepper spray the animal first. Would the gun toting idiots behind the badge shot a child or another human being for running at them ? I think so

  4. I just wanted to point out to all the pitbull haters out there, that the breed hasnt changed, PEOPLE have. Pitbulls were once referred to as ‘nanny dogs’ because they are loyal and protective of thier families children. Additionally, Pitbulls were the face of America’s dogs in WWI and WWII. As a matter of fact Pitbulls were given medals of honor on several occations for saving the lives of our service people during those wars.
    So just like most Pitbull articles, we have many uneducated, misinformed, media believers. Its sad that because man has menipulated and abused this breed, society has jumped on the ban the breed instead of stricter, harsher punishment for those who exploit them for fighting and aggression.

  5. Chaz your a moron and these cops are bigger morons but that is not the real word i want to use. Our society is a fuck up and cops make it that way and imbeciles like you who must be a cop fan are no better!

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