Kazakh Player Banned For Life For Assault on Opposing Player

The shocking video below shows the attack that resulted in the lifetime ban of Kazakh player Armand Masimzhanov, 20. The Football Federation of Kazakhstan banned Masimzhanov for the flying kick from behind delivered to one of his opponents, Radmir Muksinova.

The game on April 16 between Kairat and Lokomotiv in the Kazakhstan resulted in a mass brawl with the score 3-2.

We have seen a line of cases involving criminal and civil liability over attacks by players on other players. Usually, these cases involve players getting too physical in contact sports. Even golf has been the subject of litigation.

We discuss this controversy in torts in the context of the case of Hackbart v. The Cincinnati Bengals involving a game between the Denver Broncos and the Cincinnati Bengals in Denver in 1973. The Broncos’ defensive back, Dale Hackbart, was injured by a blow by Bengals’ offensive back, Charles “Booby” Clark. The court ruled that the hit fell outside of the NFL rules and thus Hackbart did not consent to such a battery. The reason was that the hit violated the rules of the game. However, there was no discussion of whether the rules of the NFL differed from the practices or industry custom.

This assault would be the possible basis for criminal as well as civil liability. A lifetime ban, however, should serve as a pretty good deterrent to such misconduct.

7 thoughts on “Kazakh Player Banned For Life For Assault on Opposing Player”

  1. That is a pretty bad kick. It rates up there with the Zidane head-but of the World Cup 2006. This guy deserves the punishment he got. However, he can always play in another country as the FFK ban can only apply to Kazakhstan. Many good soccer players move around a lot these days.

  2. anon nurse
    1, May 5, 2011 at 7:53 am
    Yes, to holding people accountable. Let’s get started here in the US of A…

    I’ll second that………….

  3. How tall is that guy? There plenty of room in the NBA for a man of his talent.

  4. Good for the FFK, but if this happened in the US I would demand criminal charges.

  5. Soccer is the No One game outside of the US…Let us consider their own terms and leave them to what happens…. Maybe a lifetime ban is unreasonable….but was this the first Kick…..

  6. Yes, to holding people accountable. Let’s get started here in the US of A…

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