Lunatic Fringe No More: You Are Not Paranoid, Those Black Helicopters Are Real

For years, they have tried to tell you. People have been covering their heads with aluminum foil and closing their shades out of fear of the super-secret black helicopters hovering unseen or unheard over their homes. It turns out they are real, according to reports following the raid on the Bin Laden compound.

The destroyed helicopter is believed to be a super-secret stealth helicopter. Jane’s believes that they are Sikorsky MH/UH-60 modified with stealth technology.

For a picture in the Army Times, click here.

This is a big problem for mental health experts who often look for such things as helicopter fears in identifying paranoia.

We will now have to reevaluate past people dismissed as lunatics:

Now, will someone please look into the monitoring by the government with the molar in the back of my mouth?

Source: NPR

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  1. I agree ID.

    However, I wonder if Mike A. every worried that he might have been responsible for this poor gent’s demise. Perhaps the x-radiation short-circuited those electronic devices is his teeth and…

    The gov’mit does all sorts of things to human and non-human animals’ teeth, including inserting titanium fangs.

    If I were attorney A. I would not worry too much; however, that fellow just might have had legitimate legal standing…

  2. It’s possible that people’s homes are under surveillance because their neighbors are under surveillance as drug suspects or something. It might not have anything directly to do with them except where they live.

    For $500 websites sell miniature remote control helicopters that carry video cameras.



    Investors at the CIA and Google are backing a company called “Recorded Future” that monitors tens of thousands of websites, blogs and Twitter accounts in real time in order to find patterns, events and relationships that may predict the future. The news comes amidst Google’s so-called “Wi-Spy” scandal, that refers to revelations that Google’s Street View cars operating in some thirty countries snooped on private Wi-Fi networks over the last three years.

  4. Why these seem like a good ideal. Where do I get my very own?

  5. At an antique flea market about ten years ago, I had the misfortune of hearing a loud idiot telling his buddy about the black helicopters. It seems that their purpose was to spray-paint invisible bar codes on your roof, so that they could come back later to “con-fin-skate” your guns. This would take place when the Russian tanks left the giant warehouses in Mexico and came north to invade the U.S.A. for the purpose of creating a single nation out of the U.S.,Canada,and Mexico. If I hadn’t been a sane person, I might have asked him about a few thousand details he glossed over: like how do they know which houses have guns, do the bar codes get smudged when sprayed on a windy night?, are the tanks manned by Russians or Mexicans or Martians?, who is the Plotter in Chief?, did you wander away from the Laughing Academy?, etc.,etc.,etc.

  6. Pfft, everyone knows that the Masons control all governments on behalf of an inter-dimensional alliance between the Reptilians and shadow beings. THEY use specially modified Segways for recon.

  7. I actually had a gentleman come into my office many years ago wishing to file suit against the CIA for implanting electronic transmission devices in his teeth. After listening to him for almost an hour, and feeling a bit uncertain as to how he might react should I suggest psychiatric assistance, I proposed that he have a complete set of dental xrays taken and then schedule a second appointment so that we could evaluate the evidence. He thought that a great idea, thanked me for my time and took one of my business cards. I never heard from him again and thus lost my one opportunity to blow the lid off the government’s secret domestic surveillance program.

  8. Yikes,
    I think I just saw a silent black speck fly by my window….could it be the CIA or the FBI or CSI or Hawaii Five-O? It would be cool to take a ride in one of those, as long as it wasn’t mandatory!

  9. Scientific basis; The notion that a tin foil hat can significantly reduce the intensity of incident radio frequency radiation on the wearer’s brain has some scientific validity, as the effect of strong radio waves has been documented for quite some time.[3] A well-constructed tin foil enclosure would approximate a Faraday cage, reducing the amount of (typically harmless) radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation inside. – Wikipedia


  10. They are truly here to get me…I think…. Colander for when I need to stand on my head….check…. aluminium foil to deflect gamma rays…..check… metal and wooden swords to defeat various enemy’s….check…..

    Ok, guys…..I am ready….

    Yes….they are real….

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