Laying Hands on the Faithful: Rabbi Found Guilty In Allegedly Molesting Woman on Flight

Orthodox Rabbi Gavriel Bidany, 47, was convicted yesterday of molesting a woman on a flight from Tel Aviv to New York. The victim is a 23-year-old Israeli officer who was groped twice by Bidany during the flight.

Bidany was accused of first fondling the woman’s genital area and then pulling back when she recoiled in her seat. A short time later, he then groped her breasts under her blanket. When she screamed “[w]hat are you doing, stop touching me!,” Bidany’s reply was “[i]t’s a mistake, I’m asleep.” Notably, she testified that this occurred only 90 minutes into a 12-hour flight.

The case was the ultimate “he said, she said” dispute that turned entirely on testimonial credibility since there was no forensic evidence and the only witnesses were to the victim’s reaction. Nevertheless, Magistrate Judge Ramon Reyes found the victim’s testimony “compelling and wholly believable, while describing the testimony of Bidany as “not worthy of belief.” The conclusion of the court, therefore, is that Bidany is not just an assaulter of women but also a perjurer (though he was not charged with perjury).

Bidany could face six months on the conviction.

By the way, Bidany reportedly counsels Orthodox couples on marriage difficulties. He is described as a respected Rabbi in Israel who is often brought to New York to guide Orthodox couples.

Source: Smoking Gun

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  1. Tootie it is not fiction unless you consider the members of my own family fictional. Moreover, you betray your case when you observe that your straw man is not religious. Finally, who cares what JD Unwin says? Come by here, visit with my family, and have all doubts about sexual repression set aside forever.

  2. I wonder why the “Rabbi” didn’t reveal that he is actually an undercover Air Marshall looking for underpants bombers.

  3. The Rabbi likey just got carried away with this dance while in a the cramped quarters of the aircraft…

  4. Don’t lay hands on my Mary Ann Faithful, and don’t mess with my TuTu.

    Ah the blues, ah, the rock and roll.

  5. Sounds like a terrific opportunity for the randy Rabbi to take advantage of one of medicine’s recently anointed diseases:


    Yes, this little gem has already come in quite handy in more than one rape case, and I’m guessing the attorney for this man under the cloth will quickly master the concepts.

    On the lighter side, isn’t it cool how much money can be raked in, by the simple baptism of a nifty new malady?

  6. Tootie,

    Did you pick up your Racist Card today? Did you vote in the Racist Primary?

  7. Tooties is a Birther. Tootie does not have a birth certificate. Tootie was born on a farm under a hen house.

  8. JamesinLA:

    That fiction you suggest appears to have been disproved by J.D.Unwin (Anthropologist, Cambridge University) who thought Freud was correct about repression. (I believe Unwin was agnostic or atheist). He thought Freud was correct about repression. But Unwin concluded after surveying all the major and not so major civilizations (a little over 80 in all) that sexual “repression” does not lead to crime, sexual or not.

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