Husband Hides Camera To Catch Arsonist — And Incriminates Wife

In Meeker, Oklahoma, a homeowner thought things could not get much worse after he set up a camera to catch whoever has been lighting fires on his property. That is until the camera caught his wife, Sharet Renea Flick, 47, setting a well house on fire. She has now been charged with third-degree arson and endangering human life.

The video reportedly shows Flick going into the backyard and then trees around the well house are shown bursting into flames. The husband had hidden the camera in their grill after the prior fires, including fires that took out a shed and trailer last month.

What I found interesting is that the husband shared the film with police — resulting in his wife’s charges. Even if spousal immunity applied, it would not knock out a film as opposed to testimonial evidence. This may, however, have been the result of the family taking the woman to a hospital after confronting her with the evidence and then getting strange responses.

One article that I read stated that, while pyromania is often the first diagnosis in fire cases, it is much more likely to be a symptom of other psychiatric disorders. While roughly half of these fire cases are juveniles with other problems, the strange responses reported in this story may indicate such a case.

Source: News Ok

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