Jaws IV: Massive Great White Spotted Off Martha’s Vineyard

Where is Captain Quint and his boat The Orca when we need them? In a scene that could have been out of the movie Jaws, fishermen off of Martha’s Vineyard snapped this picture of a massive shark that was at least 20-feet long.

Boat captain Jeff Lynch watched from his 23-foot fishing boat as the massive shark circled a dead whale. They were only about a mile out to sea. The only good news is that few people can afford to stay at “The Vineyard” very long. The shark will likely have to move along for lower rent beaches.

It is the first sighting of a Great White this season. You just know there is a mayor in a checkered coat (ala Murray Hamilton) out there yelling at the local sheriff that this is the height of tourist season.

Since we have no live footage of Lynch’s first seeing the shark, this will have to do:

It is amazing to think back on the movie Jaws, which came out almost 36 years ago. I had friends who were leery of going into the water near my house at the start of summer . . . and I lived near Lake Michigan. That movie scared the heck out of people. You felt like a shark could jump out of your water glass for weeks.

Source: Boston Herald

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  1. he upgraded

    that stuff from the jersey shore was giving him indigestion

  2. “I had friends who were leery of going into the water near my house at the start of summer . . . and I lived near Lake Michigan”

    For the true shark paranoia cognoscenti, swimming in fresh water offers no respite from primal fear. The bull shark, the most aggressive shark in the ocean, is also, hilariously enough, the most aggressive shark in fresh water. These lovely scimitar-toothed grinners can and do swim hundreds or even thousands of miles up rivers and lakes without any problems, and have been responsible for the gruesome deaths of people in rivers and lakes hundreds of miles away from the sea.

    If the lake or river you want to swim in (you fool, only swim in swimming pools!)has any sort of connection to the ocean, there is a less than zero chance you could be sharing your swim with a toothy killer, even at this moment malevolently looking up at you from below, its razor-sharp teeth festooned with the bloody tatters of its last victim.

  3. Must be getting close to summer – more “sharks in the ocean” stories. Other than the damage they do to the shark population I think they are pretty harmless hysteria. They were huge the summer before 9-11 so maybe its a good sign.

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