Neo-Nazi Leader Shot By Ten-Year-Old Son

Jeff Hall, a Neo-Nazi leader in Riverside, California, was shot to death by his ten-year-old son in what police believe was an intentional shooting. The day before, Hall had given his son a gift of a leather belt emblazoned with a silver insignia of the Nazi SS.

Hall headed the Riverside chapter of the National Socialist Movement, the nation’s largest neo-Nazi party. According to the article below, he had long predicted he would die in his struggle for racial secession, but he probably did not anticipate it would be at the hands of his own son.

Hall was a plumber who was viewed as a rising star among the hate set. He actually ran for the local water district last fall and won 28 percent of the vote.

He is reportedly shown below:

Source: Ny Times

25 thoughts on “Neo-Nazi Leader Shot By Ten-Year-Old Son”

  1. another socialist douche bag gone, good for the kid. only about 150 million more to go.

  2. Re: Darwin Award – well, he won’t be breeding anymore.

    Live by the gun…

  3. Unfortunately the Darwin Award is only available to those who have died from their own stupidity before they have bred. The idea of the award is to strengthen the gene pool.

  4. “It is an axiom of husbandry — both of flora and fauna– that you reap exactly what you sow.” -mespo

    …so…when horrible things happen to good people…?

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