Mississippi Man Forgets He’s Naked As He Waves to Underage Girls

Submitted by Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

Forgetful HermanHerman Broadus is a grandfatherly type who loves interacting with all the local kids. Problem is Herman can’t remember to keep his clothes on.  The Moss Point Mississippi man was arrested by police when  the mother of  two young girls — ages 8 and 10 — complained.  The girls claimed they saw the 70-year-old man “standing naked in the doorway, holding something in one hand and waving to them with the other.”

 For his defense, Broadus claims to be a victim of circumstance. According to Sheriff Mike Byrd, his prisoner explained that he was just  “headed to the shower, and got caught up in something on TV ….” According to the Sheriff,  the suspect added, “he forgot he was naked, saw the girls, and waved to them.”

Broadus may have the best take on this situation, when an incredulous Byrd asked him how anyone could believe this fairytale explanation. The alleged pervert responded, “That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.”

Broadus will likely be a guest of the State of Mississippi for about 12 months.

Source: GulfLive.com 

~Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

37 thoughts on “Mississippi Man Forgets He’s Naked As He Waves to Underage Girls”

  1. Swarthmore mom 1, May 14, 2011 at 5:46 pm

    Bud, I am guessing that he lives alone and has no advocate.


    I think you’re right.

  2. If upon medical examination, the man has a legitimate problem, then of course jail isn’t the place for him.

    However, if he’s just a dirty old man with his thing in his hand?

    Ehhhh, I don’t see how that’s deserving any consideration.

  3. Bud, I am guessing that he lives alone and has no advocate.

  4. Swarthmore mom 1, May 14, 2011 at 9:58 am

    Maybe, he was suffering from sundowning syndrome since it was late in the day.


    If he was suffering from sundowners and just had a little tiny bit of booze in him, I swear he probably would not even know his name or address (albeit temporarily).

    Trouble is, like many other diseases, people don’t realize they have a genuine problem until something happens.

  5. MetroCowboy,

    I understand exactly what you are saying and I am so glad you have a support group. My mother had a slight case of dementia which was managable but my aunt, who I also took care of, was a serious alzheimers’s sufferer. It was extremely difficult.

  6. Blouise,

    I have a 88 year old mother who I take care of she has alzheimer’s and the old girl does things my mother would have never never done a few years ago, and Im lucky I know from my support group there are men and women far worse than mom, many much younger than her…So if this old man is just a dirty ole man…well I’m not sure prison is the right answer and maybe he suffers from dementia or alzheimers’s. Which ever he needs help and I hope that jail isnt seen to be the answer.

  7. SwM,

    What if it was sundowning syndrome … are we now starting to criminalize dementia and Alzheimers?

    If so, Society is going to have to construct a whole new class of prisons as the babyboomers are just starting to enter retirement age.

    This is a perfect opportunity for investors on Wall Street to run a new con. They tried to get their greedy little hands on all that social security money but “Privatizing” didn’t fly. How about prisons paid for with dementia and Alzheimers prisoners’ social security benefits?

  8. The question in my mind is,was that hand steady or was it on shaky ground ?

  9. Maybe, he was suffering from sundowning syndrome since it was late in the day.

  10. One guy with his thing in his hand in public is pretty much like another, mespo.

  11. BIL:



    I said Herman Broadus … not Bill O’Reilly.

  12. AY:

    Stop it AY. I have just projected my coffee two feet laughing at that one.

    I want that gravatar!!

  13. I suppose he has learned that a bird in one hand is truly better than two in the bush…..

  14. Today’s Poll Question:

    What Was Herman Holding In His Hand While Waiving Naked At Two Under Age Girls? (remember this is a family blog)

    I’m guessing a Luffa sponge.

  15. The ol’ “I forgot I was naked” defense.

    A classic.

    It got me through high school.

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