Notice: Interruption of Service This Weekend For The End of Times

As many people are aware, the world will end on May 21, 2011 which is likely to cause an interruption in service on the Turley blog. Fortunately, your host will be going to his annual weekend at Shrine Mont with other families. I expect our weekend bloggers to remain at their posts through the rapture while I await the rapture on a mountain top in Virginia in a pure and sanctified state. I remind everyone that during the end of the world we will maintain the policy of civility and decorum on the blog. Profanity and uncontrolled screaming are strongly discouraged. There is also a chance that anonymity will be lost in the post-rapture judgment on any trolls.

Last weekend in New York, the troops were out with signs announcing the end of the world. It took a bit of explaining to the kids, but I reminded them that this meant no end of term exams (which mollified them).

The Family Radio Worldwide and its leader Harold Camping have done an amazing job in informing millions of our collective demise this weekend. For us at the Turley blog, it is not an end but an opportunity. While I cleanse my soul at Shrine Mont (while fishing), I know that our bloggers will remain online up to the rapture for hundreds of millions of people surfing the Internet at the last minute. To help them, I wanted to add references to the most likely search terms for Saturday to help them reach our site:

1. Proper clothing for the rapture.

2. WiFi access in heaven.

3. Justin Bieber’s rapture schedule.

4. Can Obama block final judgment for Bush officials involved in torture program?

5. cheap homes for sale by members of the Family Radio Worldwide ministry.

Good luck, everyone. I will not be with you when the rapture occurs but I assure you that this blog is right with God. At the time of the final judgment, Turley blog regulars will be given preferential treatment and should fear not. If you are still a bit nervous, I recommend playing Captain & Tennille’s Muskrat Love while watching Under Siege 2: Dark Territory . Then, no matter what happens, it won’t seem quite so bad to leave this world behind.

Source: MSNBC

Jonathan Turley

116 thoughts on “Notice: Interruption of Service This Weekend For The End of Times”

  1. I turned on a Radio Shack Realistic DX-300 short wave radio and tuned in WFYR on 11865 kiloHertz. There is a broadcast “Brother Harold Camping” in which he said that it is only 17 weeks until the end of the world.

    Hearing that “inspired” my glancing through Jean-Paul Sartre, “The Psychology of Imagination” (I have in hand the Citadel paperback fifth 1972 printing). There may or may not be an external, objectively real world; what people have to work with as brain activity are that of whatever external actually objective reality which has been internalized so as to form patterns within a person’s brain. These internalizations may (or may not?) be real; at some level of inquiry, it is necessary to assume that something exists because we subjectively experience existence as though it might be at least partly objective.

    The dilemma, as I experience it, of fundamentalism (to me, any and every form of fundamentalism is at least partly religious) is found in classifying accurately that which is subjective (existing only in the subject, without actual objective external existence) and that which is objective (not requiring subjective experience for its actual existence). Within any given person’s subjective inner experience, objectivity itself is subjectively imagined.

    Obviously (?) this topic is intrinsically and inextricably off-topic if the topic is about who is correct and who is incorrect.

    That brings to my mind the notion of the fundamental error of social reality. That fundamental error might usefully be recognized as the basis of any and every form of religious fundamentalism.

    Did the world end on Saturday, May 21, 2011, as Harold Camping said it would? Perhaps his mental model of the world in which it is possible to study the Bible and discover the time of the end of the world?

    What if the world which ended was the one imagined (in the sense of imagined of Sartre’s aforementioned book) by Harold Camping, a world in which Brother Camping imagined that he could accurately extract, using numerolatry, the time of the end of the physical world?

    While a purely Newtonian model of physical existence (mass-energy can neither be created nor destroyed and entropy is monotonic-increasing) seemingly requires the end of the physical world as we seemingly know it, there are seemingly plausible quantum-mechanics-based models of the physical world which allow the physical world to be a singularity, hence timeless, hence actually with neither beginning nor end in a totality of existence sense.

    Meanwhile, there evidently have been many sincerely held notions which have been “updated.” Notions held for a very long (whatever “very long” might mean) time (whatever “time” might mean) may garner the label orthodox (whatever “orthodox” might mean).

    Buddha Is Laughing (BIL) has, methinks, very well presented the orthodox view of adversarial law and justice. My life circumstances have led me along a path in which I find the orthodoxy of the expressed-here-on-this-blawg views of law and justice of BIL to be comparable to the orthodoxy of Brother Camping in terms of process, though not in terms of content being processed.

    To the extent that the notion of the adversarial system serving as a safety valve for human society is as superstitious as the notion of the end of the physical world as espoused by Brother Camping, I continue to observe, in contrast, that the indoctrination into the adversarial way of the infant-child transition is the central event in the psychosocial development of an individual person through which the fundamentalist beliefs espoused by Brother Camping and also by Buddha Is Laughing become possible.

    I am skeptical of any and every form of religious fundamentalism which I find myself encountering. Sorry, Buddha Is Laughing, all you have accomplished in my life is reinforcing my doubts about the adversarial system.

    In stark contrast with “religious fundamentalists,” I am skeptical of everything, especially including skepticism itself.

    As a skeptic, I put forth as best I am able the best expression of what I find I have learned, not to persuade others to believe as I do (a trait of fundamentalists?) but to learn how other of all persuasions who are willing to challenge the reality of my expressions of my life experiences challenge my grasp of imagined reality. To this end, the comments of BIL have been very helpful.

    The dilemma of this sort of blawg, as is generally true of blogs in general, is the tradition of blogging ruling out almost everything except variations of proof-texting. It is my tentative observation to date that the art of deception through proof-texting has reached its highest level within the Anglo-American Adversarial System. “Cites” are proof-texts to me.

    I do not believe in proof-texting. Yet, proper orthodox blawg/blog etiquette rather well rules out anything else?

  2. And Buddha would be right, IMHO.

    W=C, …and however bad you think it is… it’s worse… We have too many wanna-be-spies who watched too much “24” and think that they’re saving America. We’re in deep, deep trouble, but there’s a tight lid… (Did you see Thomas Drake on 60 Minutes last night? If not, watch it the web site and read Jane Mayer’s New Yorker article, The Secret Sharer…) Anyone who speaks up about what’s going on is quickly marginalized…

  3. W=c,

    Yes, I do think the courts are being purposefully broken. Starting with the SCOTUS. The “Gang of Five” are the chief enablers of breaking the Constitution right now (Scalia, Roberts, Alito, Kennedy and Thomas – all GOP appointees, all purchased by industry, all neoconservatives). They have essentially turned 240 years of Constitutional jurisprudence on its head during their time. They have done more damage to this country than any terrorist could. Seriously . . . corporations are people? That’s absolute nonsense and not a single Framer wouldn’t vomit over the expansive rights those clowns are giving a legal fiction. Not to mention the healthy whiz they have taken on the Bill of Rights in general.

    This is why the Founders did their best to make the SCOTUS an apolitical branch of government. Unfortunately they did not foresee every possible way evil venal people would try to use to circumvent that check and balance. Today we have the fascist lot we are stuck with until they die. The Framers were very very good and the Constitution is evidence of that, but they were not perfect nor did they have perfect foreknowledge. If they had? One of the fundamental features would built in term limits for SCOTUS justices instead of lifetime appointments.

  4. Buddha Is Laughing
    1, May 22, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    I do think our system of Government is being ‘broken’ onpurpose….you think that extends to the courts? I’m reading ‘Shock Doctrine’ by Naomi__________ and becoming freakishly paranoid…

  5. Maybe I should start calling you Galadriel, Blouise.

    The Lady of the Forest.

    I like it. :mrgreen:

  6. Blouise,

    Received and replied, my friend clad in trees of gold. :mrgreen:

  7. W=c,

    There is a difference between “not working” and “being broken on purpose”.

  8. “The adversarial process, by giving the option of courts to hear disputes, creates a societal pressure relief valve that discourages war and other forms of tyranny.”~Buddha is Laughing

    I don’t think it’s working….

  9. “….and then one day
    you came back home
    you were a creature all in rapture
    you had the key to your soul and
    you did open that day
    you came back to the garden……………”

  10. “If I am able to clearly demonstrate that the notion of the adversarial system is a disease-causing pathogen”

    Except you can’t, Brian. Your fundamental flaw is in cause and effect. Because you don’t have the right framework for causal analysis of adversity, you are going to get either 1) an answer you won’t like or 2) a delusional answer.

    Adversity is not memetic in nature. It cannot be modeled like a disease. Adversity comes from differential perspective and from wrongs that people do willfully or negligently against one another. You could “cure” hatred – it is a meme and memes can be modeled like diseases – but you still wouldn’t stop adversity.

    You are using the wrong tool to address the wrong problem. Adversity is the root cause of disputes, but disputes in the sense we see disputes in court are rarely (if ever) the cause of war. The causes of war are:

    1) Religious delusion; religion is the number one cause of war throughout history

    2) Greed; you want to attack a meme that does damage in this world? You’d be better off figuring out how to stop greed than a futile fight against adversity.

    3) Hatred; Often in the guise of religious intolerance but sometimes simply fermenting hatred of the “other”.

    Adversity is situational in nature.

    Greed, hatred and intolerance are memetic.

    If you are going to use the cybernetic model (memes spread like viruses or other pathogens) for addressing the ills of humanity in a disease model, you had best be applying that model to actual memes.

    Everyone would welcome a practicable end to the world of human war mongering, Brian.

    You aren’t going to get it with the model you are trying to apply or to the adversarial system you are trying to apply it to. The adversarial process, by giving the option of courts to hear disputes, creates a societal pressure relief valve that discourages war and other forms of tyranny. But ending warfare will no more end disputes between people than ending the adversarial system will end warfare.

    You are well-intentioned, but completely misguided about human nature and how it relates to adversity and to warfare.

  11. On pages 613-618 of Vol. 22, No. 5 (May, 2011) Psychological Science is a paper, Rigoni, et al., “Inducing Disbelief in Free Will Alters Brain Correlates of Preconscious Motor Preparation: The Brain Minds Whether We Believe in Free Will or Not.”

    The abstract is available for non-APS members on the web site.

    The article itself starts out, “Recent discoveries in psychology and neuroscience suggest that the perception of free will is illusory…” For the details, I suggest reading the paper and the relevant references.

    The view that “free will” is not necessarily what it has been traditionally understood to be is an aspect of what I supposedly have been doing. Nice to find increasing agreement as to the possibility that the traditional model of how people make choices may lead people down a path of illusory beliefs.

    I have waited several hours after the earthquake, only I did not notice it. Having lived in Seattle and in Eureka, California, I am familiar with earthquakes.

    Been listening to Family Radio, WFYR on 9.505 megaHertz. I guess the transmitter site survived the 7:00 pm daylight saving time earthquake. Magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes are common, the data I have indirectly from USGS is 2117 earthquakes of 5.0 or more during 2010, or a mean rate of nearly 5.8 quakes per day.

    I am quite willing to allow that those who expected massive earthquakes today (the day is not over everywhere yet) were/are sincere. Sad to say, I have not found sincerity to be an indicator of verifiable truthfulness regarding factual scientific information.

    Deception is a curious neurophysiological-neuropsychological phenomenon. A person who is deceived regarding something cannot be aware of being deceived and remain deceived. “True believers” in something which is of deception tend to strengthen their deception when their deception is challenged by scientifically factual information. That reminds me of the Stockholm effect…

    If a person who has been deceived cannot be deceived and fully recognize being deceived, then any event which is effectively deceptive surely shares the property of making those persons who are deceived unable to recognize that they are deceived?

    There is “the medical model” which I find folks have generalized to many areas of life not usually deemed medicine. I understand (or misunderstand?) the medical model thus:

    1. There is a pathogen.
    2. The pathogen is contagious or is spontaneously generated.
    3. The pathogen is infectious.
    4. Infection is not disease unless tissue/organ/organism function is impaired.
    5. Impairment of function is disease; symptoms are awareness of disease.
    6. The clinician treating the disease gathers clinical signs of symptoms, infection, contagion, pathogen, and such.
    7. For the clinician, clinical signs are the model in use of the disease; such that, if there are no clinical signs of disease, then there is no disease (regardless of pathogens, contagions, infections or functional impairment.

    I cannot unambiguously demonstrate that, from a neuropsychological perspective, deception is other than a dangerous pathogen, contagious, infectious, function-impairing, and profoundly addictive.

    I understand that supposedly competent scholars have studied cave paintings that are more than 15,000 years old, and have tended to conclude that the cave paintings depict a time before adversarial-reciprocal human violence became the core value of humanity.

    The world as modeled by humans in which the model had no World Wars ended with World War I (The Great War, or the War to End All Wars Which Did Not End All Wars?) The world without a very darkly-skinned U.S. President ended with Obama’s inauguration.

    Change happens. Every day is always somewhat different than the previous day was. The world of the day of May 21, 2011, will presumably end in several more hours, at midnight along the International Date Line. The world as modeled by humans is always ending because events happen which, having never before happened, were not part of the mental models of the world which humans had before such events happen.

    Every beginning is a new ending.

    The world of purely Newtonian mechanics ended with relativity and quantum-mechanics.

    The mental model of something is not the something modeled.

    The mental model of “Free Will” may not be how the human mind/brain actually works.

    I continue to find deception to be the most profoundly addictive disease pathogen I have ever attempted to study.

    Thus, I find “The Adversarial System,” as being of a contagious, infectious, function-impairing profoundly-addictive social-psychological disease which results from infection by the pathogen of deception (typically at around 18 months of age) and the disease is also known as “the infant-child transition,” “the infant-child discontinuity,” “the terrible twos,” and such.

    To me, the views I have come upon as expressed by Family Radio make about as much sense to me as does The Adversarial System. However, I find The Adversarial System to have been vastly more deceptive than I find Family Radio has been.

    As I am about to post this, WFYR is on the air with what I guess is a full-strength signal on 9505 kiloHertz, in the 32 meter band.

    And The Adversarial System is also running at full strength as best I can guess.

    I am posting this from Door County, Wisconsin (rafflaw, welcome). It is yet May 21 here.

    If I am able to clearly demonstrate that the notion of the adversarial system is a disease-causing pathogen, for which an actual cure is already at hand, what sort of quake might that cause within the mental models of reality of those humans who believe (mentally model?) that existence is an adversarial win-lose game?

    The adversarial system plausibly was in place before the Code of Urukagina something approaching 4400 years ago. Cave paintings much more than 15000 years old may tell of another time, one which preceded the adversarial system.

    Who, if anyone, would welcome a practicable end to the world of human war mongering?

  12. frank,

    lol. It’s good that you’ll still be commenting… well, maybe… Good luck with those wing implants…

  13. The guru down the street told me I was going yesterday … I’m going to get my money back …

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