Roadside Rape Kit? Kansas Legislator Compares Rape To Flat Tire

Kansas state GOP Rep. Pete DeGraaf (Mulvane) has either a perverse view of rape or roadside repairs. I am not sure which but I would not recommend either a long trip or a rape counseling session with him. DeGraaf recently opposed a rape exception to a legislative ban on insurance for abortions. He explained that rape is really like a flat tire. He appears to have misunderstood Goodyear’s slogan: “Should a Woman Have to Worry About Tires? Goodyear Says No!
When Snow Say No, Goodyear says Go!..”

DeGraaf took the floor when considering a general ban on insurance for abortions. Even the most stalwart opponents for abortions, however, made an exception for when a women’s life was at risk. DeGraaf, who is also an associate pastor, rose to oppose an exception for rape. While he did not oppose “abortion-only” policies, he was against the rape exception to the legislation. When Rep. Barbara Bollier challenged his position, DeGraaf reportedly responded “We do need to plan ahead, don’t we, in life?” Bolliers asked “And so women need to plan ahead for issues that they have no control over with pregnancy?” DeGraaf then retorted “I have a spare tire on my car. I also have life insurance. I have a lot of things that I plan ahead for.”

DeGraaf ran on faith-based promises assuring his followers that “I can see how God has been preparing me for this role through my years as a husband, father, Air Force pilot, financial counselor, pastor, volunteer, Precinct Committeeman, and non-profit board member.” Notably, neither work as a mechanic nor rape counselor is listed. He can now add Michelin’s slogan to his website: “Because so much is riding on your tires.”

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Jonathan Turley

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  1. Geeba Geeba, if you’re going to be comparing stupid between Bush and Obama, you’re firing without a magazine. A guy that’s appeared in public with so many bruises from face plants due to bike falls and passing out from choking on pretzels isn’t all that bright. Not to mention comments like: “Let’s put food on our children.” “Is our children learning?” “Oh, you have black people, too?” (to Brazil’s president. Brazil has the largest population of blacks outside of Africa).”OBs aren’t able to practise their love with women.” It’s very odd. When he ran for congressional office in 1978, his speech was very clear and his words and sentences didn’t stumble or falter during press interviews and debates. Listen to some of them. I was impressed. As a medically retired Army nurse, I can only speculate that the cause might have been alcoholic dementia or alcoholic induced cognitive degeneration.

    But, that neither here nor there. What bothers me about you anti-choicers is your disregard for the mother’s life in the fetus-is-everything scenario. One of their leaders, RN Janet Stanek spreads disinformation that even my sister, also an RN like me, totally buys. Such as that ectopic pregnancies don’t have to be aborted. That doctors have a “secret” method of “prodding” the fetus that’s lodged and implanted in the fallopian tube to “nudge” it to go up into the uterus, but won’t do it because they’d rather abort babies because they make more money doing it. Excuse me! A doctor can make up to $25,000 dollars per pregnancy vs $400 per abortion. And if you dislodge a fetus from being implanted from the fallopian tube you’re cause it to ABORT!! Not only that, but not removing it automatically risks the mother to death by hemhorrage or severe systemic infection. Yet, they’ve even gotten my sister, who’s supposedly educated, to buy this rubbish.

    Another bit of disinformation: Let the ectopic pregnancy continue because many of them have gone on to survive anyway. They heard of millions of cases of it. Wrong! There have only been maybe slightly over a half-dozen where the fetus attached itself to the liver, which has a rich blood supply, or one of the bowels and incidentally killed the mother.

    Another Rethug congressman wants to declare any place that a woman has a miscarriage outside a hospital as a possible homicide scene. The outrage never, ever ends.

    You anti-choicers just make me sick. If my daughter has an ectopic pregnancy, I’m just supposed to stand around as she dies if you have your way. I had a miscarriage ten years ago and I’d have gone to jail if I couldn’t prove it had been natural. God, why are you Christo-fascists so afraid of America being taken over by Muslims and having Sharia Law? If you had your way, that’s exactly what we’d have.

  2. GG,

    frank hit the high points.
    However, you getting pinned down for your partisan hackery and trolling today is no different than your past encounters here. As to open minds, the trollkilling that goes on here on a regular basis is geared exactly toward that end: giving people the skills and demonstration of skills required to be a critical thinker and to be able to sort through the propagandistic partisan deadwood hackery like that which you and your boss peddle to get to the bare facts of matters. The fact of the matter here is you tried to minimize the statements of DeGraaf simply due to partisanship, you failed miserably because you choose to do so in a forum where some people know how value loading works in the dissemination of propaganda and so now you want to change the subject to Obama and away from a Republican with a humanity deficit. It’s not subtle on your part, but it is consistent. Speaking of consistency . . . if one pokes the anti-propaganda bear, one gets bit. Do as you wish, but I’d think your previous encounters here would have taught you that by now.

  3. If you are , as BIL says, a lackey in the employ of Dimbart then there really is nothing of value you can add to the discussion.

    Oh, you may produce pretty sentences using nice words but the company you keep indicates nothing but poison inside them. Take a look at your original post, there was no attempt to discuss anything, merely a snide comment full of the sort of DC spin and bullshit Mr. Dimbart traffics in.

    That you know the prof, or he knows you is his loss. My guess is that your posting here will be ours, but it is open to all as far as I can tell. You won’t be the only total waste of bandwidth. BIL seems to enjoy engaging them but I have lost patience with your types. No matter the facts, historical evidence or reasoning your type will just regurgitate the same set of talking points, disproven myths and beltway bullshit.

  4. Let’s digress to the Pres for a moment. Benji smokes him in the Oval office after BHO’s ’67 border proclamation (which the Washington Post fact checked as never being endorsed by any Pres since that war); his ersatz grand exit from Ireland resulted in his decoy limo being beached at the gates (that takes talent); and the awkward moment when he begins to toast the Queen, the band begins the UK National Anthem prematurely and he continues to talk over it. He thought it was done for effect to make the toast more dramatic I suppose. The look on his face after the Queen gives him the non-response is priceless. Almost as funny as when GW Bush couldn’t find the door to exit the room.

    Look, I’m sorry. I’d much rather engage in a lively respectful exchange of opinions. Thanks for the language skills comments but please realize that those who disagree with your opinions can be well educated in theory and practice. They simply have different life experiences and observations. So listen. I am not trolling as I regularly read the blog JT provides. He appears to be rather liberal and brings out reasoned and educated arguments. I seek and view other constructive opinions to make sure I agree or disagree. A lot of you out there ought to try it with an open mind.

    Oh, is it still OK for me to make a comment occasionally? Can I be in the club as a visiting member? Gee I would like that. (and no you don’t know me but JT does)

  5. The parents of people like this moron definitely meet each other at family reunions. In their world, there is no such thing as rape or incest. Well, there is incest, but they’ve been doing it for generations, so they don’t realize it’s not normal. And when women get pregnant as a result from rape, it’s like, oh, you couldn’t stop it from happening? My wife or daughter would’ve! In fact, they did! Three times! Sheesh, the stoopid, it hurts. Evolution passed these guys by. He needs to drag his knuckles back to his cave and sit around for another 3 million years and hope when he emerges again, that he’ll have something resembling semi-rational thought processes.

  6. Mike, I imagine he would be quite happy to the the folks in Joplin they should have planned ahead. R whip, Cantor has basically told them that already.

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men say nothing.

  7. Rep. DeGraaf’s analogy is not “silly”; it is immoral. I assume he is prepared to tell the people of Joplin, Missouri that they should have planned ahead.

  8. Frank: Don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel.

    It’s good to have such able champions.

  9. BIL – AH! That explains the ignorance and the arrogance. Thanks.

    I almost feel sorry for him, living in a world of self-imposed darkness, fear and stupidity. ALMOST, then I realize he is taking money to spread darkness, fear and stupidity. He is the banality of evil.

    How much do you get a year gigi? Does it make your sleep restful or do you still have a human soul?

  10. Elaine:
    I know how these people think. Psychopaths do not change their stripes. I interviewed a purse snatcher several years ago. He observed that if a woman did not want her purse stolen, she should not carry one. He saw a woman carrying a purse as giving him an open invitation to steal it. Despite two hours of interviewing, he remained adamant that there was nothing wrong with snatching a purse if a woman went out in public with it.

    Sounds like our Geeba Geeba and Rep. Pete DeGraaf.

    If you do not want it taken, you should not have one–or just be philosophical about it. Antisocial thinking if I ever saw it.

  11. Buddha & Otteray,

    Don’t pick on poor Geeba Geeba. It’s a woman’s fault if she gets raped, doncha know. That’s what a woman gets for walking around in public with her “lady parts.” Women should put on chastity belts before leaving the house. That’s the best way to prepare oneself for a sexual assault.

  12. BiL, sounds as if GG is a foot soldier in the right wing’s ongoing War on Women.

    Wonder if he has a script to work from, or if they just let him wing it? And does he get paid by the hour to be a jerk, or is it by the post?

    At any rate, “Geeba Geeba” is now joined at the Google hip with Kansas state GOP Rep. Pete DeGraaf, who thinks rape is on a level with having a flat tire.

    Pete DeGraff: I never met a rape I could not minimize.

  13. frank,

    He an alleged employee of Andrew Breitbart and a persistent neocon troll.

  14. BIL, who is this geeba f’ing geeba on a cracker? I have not seen that handle here before. I’d suspect a couple of the usual trolls but the language skills are above their ability.

    “old Chicago cronyism that has been around for decades,” You mean like putting a horse show lawyer in charge of FEMA because he was a major money guy & letting him pick his nose while the entire Gulf Coast drown?

    “his style doesn’t work” Yeah, it would be sooooooo much better if Obama would strut around in a flight suit with an XL cod piece and say things like ‘BRING IT ON” while doing jack or shit to make America safer rather than actually trying to accomplish something.

    I’ll tell you a little secret gigi – I really am not happy with Obama or his administration but there is not a single bozo in the Republican clown car that is capable of doing the job half as well as he has. What pisses me off is that I have to accept the half-assed moderate Republican President because morons like you do not have any viable alternative that would force him to be a Democrat. So I’ll second BILs request that you kind go screw yourself but add, please do it sideways with a rusty Bush/Chaney yard sign.

  15. GG,

    It’s no wonder you’re a propagandist. What is silly is that you’re paid to do it considering your language skills. Be sure to tell Andy I said, “Go screw yourself.”

  16. It’s no wonder some people can’t converse in a constructive way. Some of you make a bfd of the proper use of “silly”. That’s silly. So, to more important things. let’s get this Obama out of office come 2012. His policies have not helped us in general. His “change” is the same old Chicago cronyism that has been around for decades, if not a century. But it’s worse … his style doesn’t work.

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