NASCAR Driver Kyle Busch Cited For Going 128 MPH on 45 MPH Street

NASCAR driver Kyle Busch may have come in second-place finish in Saturday night’s All-Star race but he sure dusted the competition this week in Statesville, North Carolina. The problem is that the track was a residential street with a 45 mph limit and he was going 128 mph. He probably wishes that he waited to drag race in Washington, D.C., where police are under fire for fixing tickets for celebrities.

Busch, 26, was cited for careless and reckless driving and speeding in his 2012 yellow Lexus sports car. Busch later said that he was “test-driving a new sports car and I got carried away.” Test-driving a Lexus? His wife, Samantha, was a passenger and Busch later reportedly told the officer “it is just a toy.”

He will still be allowed to race this weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Source: FoxSports

17 thoughts on “NASCAR Driver Kyle Busch Cited For Going 128 MPH on 45 MPH Street”

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  2. Pete is right. Considering it was one of the Busch brothers, it is surprising to me they did not frog march him off to jail in shackles and let him watch this weekend’s race on the jail TV.

    I understand that his boss, Coach Joe Gibbs, is not quite through with Kyle Busch. Gibbs was quoted today as saying he is taking this very seriously and will be dealing with his bad boy driver later.

  3. Considering this happened in North Carolina I’m surprised they didn’t give him a trophy.

  4. I don’t know if anyone is interested in the antics of a couple of talented sociopaths, but this is the run-in between Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch at Darlington a couple of weeks ago. Both were fined and put on probation until the middle of summer. Busch and Harvick had an unpleasant encounter during the race. Harvick was spun out when Busch nicked him–apparently deliberately. Both have a reputation for aggressive driving and wrecking other drivers. At the end of the race, Harvick (black car, #29) wanted to fight. Busch (green, #18) tried to get away, but ended up pushing Harvick’s car out of the way and into a wall. If any of the crews or officials had been standing there, they would have been crushed by Harvick’s unoccupied car. I would offer more editorial opinion, but watch the video and see if you have an opinion as to which one of them is the biggest jerk.

    The incident on and off the track is on the video, from the broadcast. Their theme song ought to be “Bad Boys.”

  5. “Son, your’re drive me to drinkin’ if you don’t stop drivin’ that hotrod Lincoln.”

  6. Jon, 17, and James, 12, the sons of NHRA Top Fuel star Doug Herbert, were killed in January 2008 when their car collided with another going more than 80 mph in a 45 mph zone not all that far from where Busch was going 83 mph over the speed limit.

  7. NASCAR Origins……enough said…..Then again…at his age…was that a problem…..

    Buddha….Yes, they are…..

    Mespo…..Some of us…say have had charmed lives……

    Then again…..James Garner said it best in his ads…..

  8. This is why I limit myself to modest economy cars. I’ve never gotten a ticket for going more than 85 mph.

  9. BiL, I do not think there are many people familiar with NASCAR who will mention either of the Busch brothers in the same sentence with “hero.” However, I can think of a number of other adjectives that might be appropriate.

  10. It’s still a mystery to me why people think sports figures are heroes.

  11. That yellow Lexus “toy” they referred to is a lethal weapon at that speed.

  12. Kyle Busch is the poster child for immaturity and feeling entitled. He is an immensely talented race car driver, but known for aggressive driving and is currently on probation for acting out following a recent race.

    I suppose NASCAR officials feel that if his behavior off the track is not related to on-track issues, he can drive. On the other hand, Mike Helton’s patience is not infinite, nor is Joe Gibbs. Kyle and his brother Kurt are both rather unlikeable people, IMHO.

  13. Hard to believe, but 128 in a 45 near a residential area? In most jurisdictions 90 = jail, but apprently along Tobacco Road it only merits a ticket. Please sign here, Mr. Busch.

    Some rednecks are more equal than others.

  14. What a putz!

    Not sure what the street looked like but anyone doing 120 on any city street has to assume that there couldn’t possibly be anyone even near the place. No matter how good your skills you have to rely on the reactions and abilities of every other guy on the road. Thats a stupid thing to do.

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