Gold Farming in The Worker’s Paradise: Chinese Prisons Forcing Prisoners To Play Online Games To Sell Credits

Liu Dali is a Chinese citizen who bravely sought to petition the government over rampant corruption. The Chinese government responded by throwing him into a corrupt prison system where he did manual labor for 12 hours of day and then was forced to play online games to build up credits that were sold by prison officials for cash. If he failed to make his quota of game credits, he was beaten. This may seem like a Monty Python skit but it is deadly serious.

Liu Dali, 54, was a prisoner at the Jixi labour camp where he would carve chopsticks and toothpicks out of planks of wood to be exported to South Korea and Japan.

The gaming business is called “gold farming”, where you build up credits online through the monotonous repetition of basic tasks in online games such as World of Warcraft. “It is estimated that 80% of all gold farmers are in China” and, according to critics, many are prisoners working under harsh conditions.

The nice touch is that while doing manual labor during the day and gaming at night (with the accompanying beatings) he was required to memorize Communist literature to better appreciate the worker’s paradise that is China. I assume it includes slogans from Mao’s Little Red Book like “the good worker does not stop a quest chain until bonuses are earned” or “only bourgeoisie allow Night Elves to become wisps without earning credits for the People’s Republic.”

Source: Guardian

Jonathan Turley

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  5. Small wonder the US turns a blind eye to this. It’s exactly how black people were treated during the dark era of slavery.

    With the exception, of course, of those enslaved being killed on spec for their organs, organs which are sold to wealthy Americans, Europeans and Israelis.

  6. The concept of “chain gangs” is an abomination, not only in China, but here right now. They are again being used all over the South.

    As to you Roco, you dance to the music of your own propaganda. The difference between you and a thinking human being represents a yawning chasm. With respect to your frequent comments please put emphasis on yawn. They are not only uninformed but also rote.

  7. Frank,

    You must think Roco is a Government Worker….Now thats an Oxymoron….

  8. Leave it to the statists to come up with something like that.

    Hey Buddha, you gonna make us “randies” “gold farm” or are you just gonna give us a shot to the head? Good little fascist socialist that you are.

    fascist is a modifier for socialist in this particular case.

  9. I could point the Chinese to any number of Californians who would be happy to play video games all night without being beaten.

  10. This seems like the model for our brave new world. With CA having to release prisoners because of over crowding there is a need for money. Coupled with the increase in for-profit prisons it just seems natural that forced labor would go a long way to paying the bills. And wouldn’t it make everyone feel good about themselves knowing that the, often guilty, prisoners are paying their own way?

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