Now If I Can Only Find a Dialysis App: Chinese Teen Sells Kidney For iPad

In the latest outrage from China’s burgeoning organ black market, a teenager in China known only as Little Zhern, 17, sold one of his kidneys in arrange to buy an iPad 2.

Given the value of kidney’s at thousands of dollars, it was a real steal for the organ dealers. A kidney generally goes for $3000 and then sells retail for as much as $85,000, according to this report. An iPad2 is readily available for $499.

Source: BBC

11 thoughts on “Now If I Can Only Find a Dialysis App: Chinese Teen Sells Kidney For iPad”

  1. CM,

    Some jobs require WMDs, some jobs don’t. Different tools for different jobs. The key to that tool’s application above is the word “maximum”, not the word “sarcasm”.

  2. This is the free market working just as its supporters want it to. To be poor is to be both evil and of poor moral character, poor people are supposed to be exploited to the benefit of their betters.


    You spoil sarcasm if you have to identify it. What i do is make statements that make sense regardless as to whether they are interpreted as sarcasm or mean spirited contempt for those at the bottom of the heap. I call this WMD level sarcasm.

  3. I did some reading – he actually got $3,000. That’s a bit more than an iPad. He also says he now regrets the choice.

    I’m with BIL though, this is the brave new world into which we are propelling humanity.

  4. I was born with only one kidney – I’d trade an iPad 2 to get the second one.

  5. But everyone knows that laissez-faire free markets are the most effective way of distributing resources! (read with maximum sarcasm)

  6. I just heard about this story on the am’s BBC broadcast. It only came to light because Zhern’s mother became suspicious about the new electronic toys the boy bought with the money he got from the organ harvesters. In the words of the Queen of Hearts, “Off with their heads.” In China, that might come true.

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