Maternal In-Stink: Woman Steals Foul Ball from Little Girl

Submitted by Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

Here's How A Real Adult Handles a Foul Ball

All’s fair in love, war, and now baseball. As the video below shows, notions like being kind to children at ball games is now passe.’ Gone are the days when the fan would be happy with making a great catch of a foul ball and then flipping the ball to a starry-eyed kid to make his day. Nope, here the unidentified sweetie grabs the ball from the little girl’s hand and then celebrates her big win over an apparent six-year-old. Brava!

 The crowd wasn’t so impressed. They booed for five minutes.

Source: SF Gate

~Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

11 thoughts on “Maternal In-Stink: Woman Steals Foul Ball from Little Girl”

  1. And other people think because someone is six years old they are automatically entitled to every single thing they want.

  2. Gezzz got on YouTube & saw this video…BUT THEN there are a BUNCH more of the same thing!!

    One guy wrestles a football from a 8yr old kid in the stands!!

    Hope these creep’s family & friends see them in the vids & they get all the fame they deserve…

  3. Behaving badly has gone from being vilification to elevation as an American art form.

    I’m eagerly awaiting the newsday that fails to out-crapify the day before.

  4. There has been a very real coarsening of public behavior at sporting events. Its not just that there are now a billion cameras capturing these things, they really are happening more often. I would not take my kids to a professional football or hockey game, things I enjoyed as a kid. Not just because of the booze-addled morons, thought there are a lot more of those in the last 30 years, but because of the ‘anything goes’ attitude that makes people think because they paid $80 to get in they are allowed to say or do anything they want.

  5. Kate:

    The best comment I saw about the incident was some fellow who quipped “someone who loves baseballs this much should have one thrown thrown through her window every night.”

  6. Jeez, why didn’t some guys go take the ball from that woman and give it back to the little girl? I hope they find out who the woman is and publicize it to shame her.

  7. James M., I think I know. She is a member of the “Greed is Good crowd.” Same mentality as some of our Ayn Rand acolytes who have been posting here.

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