The Palin Chronicles

Submitted by Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

Anthony Weiner may not be the only politician whose electronic shortcomings could derail his career. The State of Alaska has released 24,000 pages of emails by then-governor Sarah Palin pursuant to a FOIA request. The emails cover all sorts of Palin controversies like Troopergate, Travel Expense-gate, and even the flurry of activity surrounding her eventual selection as John McCain’s running mate. One email details Palin’s frustration with questions from reporters about whether she believes humans and dinosaurs co-existed.

There’s even praise for an unlikely recipient – President Obama. Palin praises a speech on energy policy made by then-presidential candidate Barack Obama, asking her aides to write a statement “saying he’s right on”.

Some of the emails show a contrast from the public persona carefully crafted of a down-to-earth everymom. In one email, Governor Palin moves to link a defeated political opponent, Frank Murkowski, to Bill Allen, who was indicted in a scandalous bribery case.

“FYI — I’ve asked Frank Bailey to help me track down soem [sic] evidence of past administration’s dealing with Bill Allen,” Palin wrote on May 8, 2007, a day after Allen pleaded guilty to bribery, extortion and conspiracy.

About 2300 pages have not yet been released pending legal review and redaction. That’s where the rubber usually meets the road. More to come? You betcha’.

Source:  CNN & BBC

~Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

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  2. Mike, I am with you on a very high probability of a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. That is about the only thing that can explain her life history, all the way from her entering beauty contests when she was young, right up to the present. My daughter, when she was a teenager and into all the slang, would have described her as an “airhead.” Seems apt for someone as vacuous and incurious as Palin seems to be.

    And your second point about these being dangerously ironic times is well taken.

  3. OS,

    Isn’t interesting that her handlers picked the same title as a John Wayne and Rock Hudson western from 1969? If she isn’t the poster woman for Narcissistic Personality Disorder, then all my psychotherapy training went to naught. Last night on the Bill Maher he showed probably 10 Newsweek covers that had that smiling face with the crazy eyes staring out. What is the press thinking?

    Forget the old Chinese curse of: “May you live in interesting times”. If only that were so. We are living in dangerously ironic times

  4. Elaine, I have no idea where she is. I like it like that, and hope that no one else cares either.

    I see that her movie is not being shown in Alaska, her home state. After carefully reflecting on the matter for 1.2 seconds, I do not find it at all illogical.

  5. Otteray,

    Where’s Sarah? Has she been serving on a jury in Alaska? Or maybe pouting because Michele Bachmann’s getting so much press and attention?

  6. In case anyone missed it, Sarah Palin’s full length movie, “The Undefeated,” made its debut this week. One of the ten theaters showing the premier was in Orange County, California. OC is one of the most conservative Republican counties in the country, according to polls. The movie opened with one person in attendance, and that was the reporter covering the opening. In all fairness, there were a couple of women at the beginning, but they walked out after about twenty minutes.

    This movie may set a new box office record, but not the kind any movie producer hopes for.

  7. OS/Mike/AY,

    All it really needs to say is “You betcha!”, “Shooting animals from a helicopter makes me hot!”, “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?” and “I can see Russia from here!”

  8. OS,

    Good idea. The technology to give her speech need only be very rudimentary to capture her essence. BTW, while I acknowledge her physical attractiveness, if someone with her speech, eyes and facial movements tried to talk to me at a bar, in my single days, I would have quickly escaped her presence. Even then I knew crazy when I saw it.

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