Olbermann Returns Today With New Countdown Show

For those of you who have been suffering from Countdown withdrawal, your long wait is over. Today Keith Olbermann returns to the air with a new Countdown on Current Television, the cable network co-founded by Al Gore.

The show will air in the same 8pm slot and will initially reach 60 million homes.

I have known Keith for many years and he is a good friend. I am happy to see him launch his latest show and I have agreed to appear on the show. While I will continue to appear on other networks, I am delighted to be included in Keith’s new enterprise. He is one of this country’s most unique and talented voices. It will be great to have him holding forth on the issues of our time. Welcome back, Keith.

To find Current on your television, go to this site.
Source: NY Times

Jonathan Turley

23 thoughts on “Olbermann Returns Today With New Countdown Show”

  1. Puzzling, It streams here: http://ready-tv.com/?p=109 The full eps real-time. WhooHoo!

    Go to the current tv website, look at the schedule- KO replays about 7 times in 24 hours. Then go to the above link and stream it. The sound sucks on occasion and the vid also freezes on occasion but the vid and freezing might be my computer- I put so much protection on my system it slows me down considerably when doing many Internet functions.

    Professor, caught you tonight on Olbermann and you were as always, enlightening and entertaining. You been losing weight?

  2. JT – Some advice for KO when you meet next: to effectively reach his demographic the full show simply must be available online, preferably through iTunes or Hulu. At the moment only tiny clips are available.

    For better or worse, fewer and fewer actually watch these shows when they’re aired on TV, and it’s a large and potentially fatal shortcoming if that’s the only way the show can reach it’s target audience. MSNBC was one of the first to get this right. KO needs to do the same – even for limited revenue – before the relaunch momentum is lost and he has a chance to reestablish his audience.

  3. KO,

    Another great show. I’d also like to thank for bringing me the news about Vitter’s attempted bribery of Secretary of the Interior Salazar – a topic which the local Louisiana news in Vitter’s district was curiously silent today.


    I know this is not the best place to suggest a thread lead, but a story about Vitter’s letter to Salazar would be great. Also, I noticed on the bumper for Countdown, your name made the “collage of experts” that will be regularly appearing on Countdown. Most excellent. Not that I’m biased or anything. :mrgreen:

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