Satanic Shorts: Iranian Morals Police Cracks Down on Necklaces and Shorts

The clerics running Iran have launched a new crackdown on the latest threat to Islamic values: men wearing necklaces and shorts. Such items are now viewed as immoral and “unIslamic.”

The “moral security plan” calls on religious police to nail people with loose-fitting headscarves, shorts or necklaces. If you really want to send the mullahs into high orbit, take your dog out for a walk in shorts with some bling bling. Indeed, with the recent effort to criminalize dogs, this site offering pet jewelry would send some imams into a fetal position.

Source: Guardian

11 thoughts on “Satanic Shorts: Iranian Morals Police Cracks Down on Necklaces and Shorts”

  1. its so crazy how those people live like i love those little iran kids thier so cute i can just eat thier assholes out but then again thier assholes are crusty

  2. Wow, slow down with the quotes there for a second. Unless you want to use it on all “un-[insert religion of choice]” occurrences.
    Other peoples having different standards than ours… the nerve the got.

  3. Catullus, 🙂

    Frank, so long ago I’m not even going to tell you how long ago it was for fear of dating myself, my first visit to Florida was to the Cocoa Beach area and I loved it. It still had a very low-rise almost rural character to it. It was also the last week of July or the first week od August- hot as the hell! What was cool to me was that almost everybody wore shorts, or swimming trunks or bikinis.

    It rained every day. You would see the clouds and the rain coming from off shore and it would rain hard for about 10-15 minutes. Unless there was lightening people just went about their business walking to wherever they were going in it. If you went into a grocery store or other commercial establishments people were in their swim trunks and bikini’s. The ambiance was great, balanced somewhere between ‘let it come’ and ‘I’m comfortable, just what’s your problem with that’. I dug it greatly.

  4. They really haven’t “cracked down” until they pass an edict against “plumber butt”.

  5. @MetroCowboy – they wear different things!

    That’s really about it, though!

  6. Wearing shorts in the desert is unislamic, but heat stroke is perfectly acceptable.

  7. Whoa! Those crazy foreign countries with their strange ways!
    A dress code? Next they will ban burqas like those crazy French!
    There is this store I like to go to- they get mad if you try to shop without a shirt or shoes! Must be run by domestic ayatollahs.
    When are those Iranians gonna learn about freedom? Crazy! In America you can wear anything (or not) that you want- anywhere you want.

  8. Well at least that U S Air pilot can find a job after retirement….and he already has experience in the morality police dept… for the life of me I can’t see the difference between fundamentalist christian, muslim, or jew….

  9. Living in Cocoa Beach, FL for a time I often wished someone would outlaw speedos & other skimpy swimwear on people more than 20 LBs over their ideal weight.

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