Worst Typo Ever (Groan)

As typos go, this one is a doozy. When the White House recently released President Barack Obama’s remarks from a June 20, 2011 fundraiser at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, there was one surprising line: after the President claimed to have created jobs, everyone one laughed. It turns out that the parenthetical reference to “Laughter” was wrong but it could not have been a more poignant moment for the Administration which has been forced to admit that the President’s “shovel ready” projects had not produced the sought after new jobs despite hundreds of billions of dollars.

On Monday night, reporters received the speech including the line: “Over the last 15 months we’ve created over 2.1 million private sector jobs. (Laughter.)”

Sites like Drudge had a field day and the White House finally corrected the typo the following day.

Source: Politico

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  1. Obama has created shovel ready jobs… With each job he creates he is digging the american peoples graves..The only obama obama has created are government jobs..nothing else..

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