Worst Typo Ever (Groan)

As typos go, this one is a doozy. When the White House recently released President Barack Obama’s remarks from a June 20, 2011 fundraiser at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, there was one surprising line: after the President claimed to have created jobs, everyone one laughed. It turns out that the parenthetical reference to “Laughter” was wrong but it could not have been a more poignant moment for the Administration which has been forced to admit that the President’s “shovel ready” projects had not produced the sought after new jobs despite hundreds of billions of dollars.

On Monday night, reporters received the speech including the line: “Over the last 15 months we’ve created over 2.1 million private sector jobs. (Laughter.)”

Sites like Drudge had a field day and the White House finally corrected the typo the following day.

Source: Politico

41 thoughts on “Worst Typo Ever (Groan)

  1. ” the Administration which has been forced to admit that the President’s “shovel ready” projects had not produced the sought after new jobs despite hundreds of billions of dollars.”

    That there were no shovel ready jobs was an appalling, disgusting, incompetent failure on Obama’s part. This is Obama at his worse, and if he fails to get re-elected (a very unlikely scenario) I would hope this was a major reason why.

    Obama could have ensured there were shovel ready jobs.

    Before he was inaugurated he could have told cities, counties, states to get these jobs ready. He could have given them goals, and told them what he was looking for. He could have stated he would work with Congress and the EPA to expedite EIR review or all but eliminate it for certain classes of jobs.

    He could have told Valerie Jarrett, Robert Reich and other feminists to stick a sock in it, and stop advocating for the hijacking of the stimulus to jobs for relatively unaffected women.

    Obama has had some successes, a lot of failures, and totally screwed us in many ways along the lines of civil liberties, but he completely screwed the pooch wrt shovel ready jobs.

    And for that, if he were to be shoved out of office, I’d say that was a reasonable response.

    Check out Paul Krugman today as well, stating once again, that many people told Obama to his face that the stimulus was too small.

    “there’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects.” THAT WAS A LIE and the Incompetent in Chief should lose his job over it.

  2. Obama very well could lose his job to venture capitalist, Romney. Bain Capital is very good at eliminating jobs. That is how they make billions. Agree that the stimulus was way too small.

  3. As disappointed as I am with Obama I will vote for him again. Considering what the other party has to offer, there is no where else to go. But, if he does anything to screw up Social Security, I will stay home. Enough is enough with all the crap he’s done. Social Security is where I draw my line.

  4. carol, if Obama had come out with a true public option for health care, all would have been forgiven from my camp….

  5. Not only was the stimulus too small it was mostly mis-spent on tax cuts. Tax cuts have an extremely poor record for job production despite the great PR they get from some quarters. This Presidents willingness to go along to get along is going to kill him – it has already prolonged the depression and worsened the results.

  6. In a very real way, liberating citizens from employer health care AND liberating employers from health care costs would have been an incredible boon to individual quality of life, to reduction of business costs, and to American productivity.

    We are told that small businesses are the major employers in the US.

    With a public health care option, citizens would not be stuck in terrible life draining jobs as their only means of obtaining adequate healthcare. And businesses would be on the same accounting ground level as their European counterparts.

    Oops, perhaps this isn’t an Obama rant thread. Well, perhaps it is.

  7. carol,

    It really isn’t possible for you to say things will be so much worse under a declared Republican candidate. Look what Obama’s done when he has to still pretend he gives a shit about people. Once he’s elected in 2012 don’t you wonder what he’ll do? What kind of brake will there be on his actions? He’s lying just enough, throwing enough bones and rolling out the propaganda to get votes now, but he won’t need his voters after the election.

    Further, what does this argument of LOTE really mean? Vote for Ted Bundy, he’s not Charles Manson? Why would I vote for either? My time, my abilities will be put towards justice. That means I could never even contemplate voting for Obama or any other war and financial criminal. There is nothing progressive about that and there is no justice in voting for Obama.

    It seems like many people don’t care about lives lost or people being harmed as long as it’s happening in some other country or to someone else. Does Obama only lose our vote when he directly screws us over? That’s a classic argument of the right wing–if it doesn’t effect me, I don’t really care.

    The jobs program is an excellent case in point. The stimulus was never designed to create jobs. It was designed from the start as a wealth transfer mechanism and it has so far succeeded beyond the dreams of avarice, transferring about 23 trillion to the highly profitable financial industry, one of Obama’s major donors. In the meantime, more people than ever are in poverty, without jobs, healthcare, homes. We have a crumbling infrastructure and a reliance on fossil fuels that are poisoning our environment. I wouldn’t call any of that or the wars of empire the lesser of evils, it’s just evil.

  8. carol, Maybe, some people don’t need Social Security and Medicare but many of us are counting on it. They can afford to vote republican or for a libertarian.

  9. S.M.,

    If you are counting on SS and Medicare you should not vote for Obama. The people he put on the cat food commission wish to dismantle them both.

  10. Staying home gives progressives disasters like 2010. Staying home in 2012 could easily mean more Alitos/Scalias on the Supreme Court. More decisions like Citizens United, and yesterday’s Walmart case. I love my country too much to stay home because Obama didn’t do everything I wanted. I am too patriotic to stay home because Obama did do stuff with which I disagree. I will keep working for better progressive candidates, but in the meantime I refuse to give ground to the conservatives.

  11. Who said anything about staying home? I said voting for Obama is voting for a war and financial criminal who will also strip out SS and medicare. The better course of action is to quit worrying about the 2012 election and concentrate on the present.

    Waiting for 2012 without taking immediate peaceful action to bring justice is just giving Obama more time to consolidate his dictatorial powers, kill more civilians, screw more poor people, commit more torture, order more surveillance of his “enemies”, allow more environmental crimes or engage in more kinetic actions. I argue that in many
    ways, the election of 2012 is irrelevant. By that time the power of an executive dictatorship is consolidated and it passes to Obama or the declared Republican candidate in Bush’s 4th term.

    Get cracking on immediate peaceful action. When it comes time to vote vote for the good, not evil. I gave a synopsis as to why you cannot just “believe” (and belief is all that it is) Obama is the lessor evil. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Let the worries about who and who is not running pass from our minds and concentrate on citizen action for justice.

    The left made a huge mistake in believing Obama would be the savior who would make everything good again. With this belief, the left abandoned their own duties as citizens. The left must reclaim their citizenship and go to bat for justice, right now.

  12. Swarthmore mom 1, June 22, 2011 at 9:37 am

    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s health care law would let several million middle-class people get nearly free insurance meant for the poor, a twist government number crunchers say they discovered only after the complex bill was signed.

    The change would affect early retirees: A married couple could have an annual income of about $64,000 and still get Medicaid, said officials who make long-range cost estimates for the Health and Human Services department.

    After initially downplaying any concern, the Obama administration said late Tuesday it would look for a fix.

    Up to 3 million more people could qualify for Medicaid in 2014 as a result of the anomaly. That’s because, in a major change from today, most of their Social Security benefits would no longer be counted as income for determining eligibility.

    It might be compared to allowing middle-class people to qualify for food stamps.

    ‘Doesn’t make sense’
    Medicare chief actuary Richard Foster said the situation was keeping him up at night.

    “I don’t generally comment on the pros or cons of policy, but that just doesn’t make sense,” Foster said during a question-and-answer session at a recent professional society meeting.


  13. “The left made a huge mistake in believing Obama would be the savior who would make everything good again. With this belief, the left abandoned their own duties as citizens. The left must reclaim their citizenship and go to bat for justice, right now.” -Jill

    If what I’m seeing on the streets is any indication, the left is making a huge mistake by not acting. In general, we’re a pretty passive lot… and it’ll be too late, if Dems do little or nothing. Voting isn’t enough. In general, the ruling Republicans (and their minions) are ruthless and many Dems can’t begin to imagine some of the things that are going on right now. Ron Wyden warned that “Americans would be very angry” (paraphrasing), if they knew what’s happening… Where’s the outrage? Why aren’t Americans demanding to know the truth? As Jill rightly says, we need to “concentrate on citizen action for justice.”

  14. Swarthmore Mom,
    I agree with your comments about those of us who need SS and Medicare need to stay energized and keep progressive candidates feet to the fire to make sure they are looking out for Main Street.

  15. bdaman I think that if Romney is nominated he could very well beat Obama. Romney is very skilled at corporate takeovers and job eliminations. Obama would have to play that up. Still waiting on Perry as he is trying to deal with some old rumors.

  16. Swathmore Mom I’m very confused on the choices so far. I hear that McCain may try again leading me to more confusion. I think I’m gonna become a hermit and not worry about it after I build me a bomb shelter.:)

  17. M.S.Huiner,

    I am too patriotic to stay home because Obama did do stuff with which I disagree. I will keep working for better progressive candidates, but in the meantime I refuse to give ground to the conservatives.

    Two points. One, as Jill pointed out, you don’t have to stay home. You can simply refuse to vote for a bigoted hypocrite who has needlessly killed hundreds of innocent men, women, and children overseas, and vigorously protected the previous administration while persecuting whistle-blowers at record rates. It’s not that he’s just doing “stuff with which I disagree.” He doing evil things. There’s a difference.

    My second point is that if you vote for Obama you will be giving ground to the conservatives, because you will be voting for a conservative. Voting for Obama is not a liberal or progressive act.

  18. jill, I love your Bundy/Manson comparison. I was recently telling a Democrat friend that if Bundy and John Wayne Gacy had never been executed and a Republican had pardoned Gacy and a Democrat had pardoned Bundy, the Democrats would be pointing their fingers at the Republicans and saying, “See? THEY pardoned the guy who killed 33 people! Bundy only killed 30! The choice is clear!”

  19. I agree with both Jill and Les.

    Romney deserves a chance while Obama squandered his. Anyone who understands what Obama has done and will still vote for him is entirely complicit in his crimes, actions, and misadventures..

  20. FFLEO,

    I would not vote for Romney either. That man’s a fucking bastard and he will just do the same shit as Obama does. Here’s my feeling, we have to go for broke and vote for a really decent person, the best one we can find. Neither major party differs except in the way Les outlined: “See? THEY pardoned the guy who killed 33 people! Bundy only killed 30! The choice is clear!” (Personally, I’m not even sure there’s that much difference!)

    We keep getting ping ponged by these bastards. It’s all a game to them-good cop/bad/cop/good cop. We have one way out–resist now, peacefully, forcefully, all people of good will. Everyone who doesn’t accept murder, torture, endless wars, environmental destruction, the gutting of the rule of law, we need to stand up and say NO!

    You know I’m not shy about giving an opinion, so there’s mine on Romney for what it’s worth!

    Les, it is upside down world when liberals are working hammer and tongs to get a guy like Obama elected. Obama is to the right of R. Nixon. Hell, he’s to the right of Attila the Hun!

  21. Yeah, I have to agree with Jill about Romney. His foreign policies would mirror Bush’s and Obama’s and his policies on civil rights would be just as bad, I’m sure. Also, I think he’s a phony, flip-flopping used car salesman.

    A guy I disagree with on welfare and social safety-net issues, but who hasn’t been dishonest or oppressive is Gary Johnson. He’s certainly more liberal than Obama on foreign policy and civil rights.

    My analogy of the two is this: Obama walks down a street in the slums tossing stale ham sandwiches this way and that with one hand, and grenades with the other. Johnson walks down the same street doing neither. I would prefer that Johnson toss some sandwiches around, but it’s an inarguably less destructive choice.

    Also, he did really well on a recent appearance on “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me…”

  22. Swarthmore mom, Thanks for the Taibbi link, it was an engrossing portrait of Bachmann. I bet after having to steep himself in sufficient research to develop that story he had to scrub himself down with Lava soap just to make his skin stop itching. She is a real piece of work.

  23. They’re ALL Republicans – even Obama (who might be termed a DINO in the political vernacular): so what difference does it make for whom you vote? We’ll get the same corporate political agenda no matter which of the candidates (they vet and) we vote into office. Elections here are so corrupt (because of Citizens United and even before that the big money backing the candidates demands “favors” be done on behalf of those vested interests – favorable policy and positions). The corporate take-over of our democracy is now complete and it cannot be fixed from within. They’ve effectively dismantled the Constitution, taken away “our rights” (fictitious, more accurately “privileges” as per Carlin) and have lead us off an economic and especially an environmental cliff. It’s far too late now to try to change it back – we’re fucked as a species due to the continuing lack of leadership world wide.

  24. Obama has created shovel ready jobs… With each job he creates he is digging the american peoples graves..The only obama obama has created are government jobs..nothing else..

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