Professor Arrested For Running Prostitution Site

Professor David Flory, 68, of Fairleigh Dickinson University has an odd hobby for an academic. Flory was arrested this week in New Mexico and reportedly admitted to running a prostitution website as a hobby and said that he did not make any money off the site. Police say that Flory told them that he created a site on “GoDaddy” “for prostitutes and johns so they wouldn’t have to worry about being busted by law enforcement.”

A physics professor, he has taught at Fairleigh Dickinson since 1969 and served as director of FDU’s School of Natural Sciences. Flory has a home in New York and New Mexico. He has been charged with 40 counts of promoting prostitution after allegedly promoting prostitution through Southwest Companions, a password-protected website with 1400 members.

A grandfather, Flory was arrested while sitting at Starbucks.

He might have been better off picking civil war reenactment or wood shop as a hobby. Police are rounding up both prostitutes and johns from the site. What is interesting is that he is not running a brothel but merely facilitating prostitution. If he did not make money as claimed, it presents a novel crime.

Libertarians have long challenged the right of the government to prohibit consenting adults from having sex for money. You are allowed to have as much sex with as many people as you want so long as you do not accept or pay money. What do you think? Should prostitution be legal but heavily regulated?

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9 thoughts on “Professor Arrested For Running Prostitution Site”

  1. make it legal. regulate it, tax it, make it safer for both parties. or more if you’ve got the money.

    if they’re arresting prostitutes and johns then why hasn’t diaper dave vitter had a day in court?

  2. I’m slow this morning. What’s the crime?

    The devil is in the details, of course. But we can’t allow discussion of criminal acts to become a crime itself unless we can show direct involvement. E.g., running a warez site usually has some pretty direct involvement by the site itself. But prostitution, by its nature, will be happening off the site. So what’s his involvement besides providing the equivalent of a rented conference room for people to meet and discuss things? Is he giving recommendations as the operator of the site?

    The same analogy also shows why this is (probably) just headline grabbing nonsense. The FBI has quietly arrested the people who run warez sites and run it themselves for months while gathering evidence and identifying victims. If someone is serious about fighting nasty stuff like sex trafficking then they’ll want to quietly seize control of the site and use it to investigate those people. If anything this is counterproductive since the traffickers will quickly move the women out of state.

  3. “Ogg give Teela extra antelope for a little lovin’, yes?” -Buddha

    LTM, CQ… Thanks for that, Buddha. And I’m in complete agreement. We need to get on with the business of taking care of real problems…

    (Laughing to myself, chuckling quietly… “Ogg, give Teela…”)

  4. Should prostitution be legal but heavily regulated?

    Without a doubt. It has been around since before the dawn of civilization (“Ogg give Teela extra antelope for a little lovin’, yes?”) and it will probably be around for as long as we survive as a species. Besides, prostitution is a victimless crime compared to the whoring done by Congress on K Street.

  5. Well, there is that old cliche’ “I’m only doing this to pay for college”. Maybe the good professor was just trying to help some kids get through school.

    I don’t know about the long-tern effects of prostitution to hold anything like an informed opinion. It would be useful to study the impact, on the prostitutes, on the johns and on the society in countries where it is legal before opening the flood gates here.

    My fear is that the degrading nature of the work might have more impact than we expect. But the environment created in the current system might be worse so that legalization, despite its down side, would be a better choice.

  6. Whats they difference between the two consenting adults other than peoples perception….

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