Martha Stewart Exploding: Stewart Sued Over Exploding Patio Table

Martha Stewart’s line of glass top patio table are attractive, tasteful, and apparently explosive. In Colorado, Nancy Passarella and her family were celebrating Father’s Day when they say that the table suddenly exploded — sending glass flying everywhere.

Truth be known, I have been critical of Martha Stewart after I discovered the hidden and ugly truth of her salmon roses.

Notably, after first posting this story, my father-in-law Martin Henschel told me that he had a Martha Stewart patio table and one day he came home and found that it had spontaneously exploded.

Two individuals, however, in this case were cut by glass from the table bought from K-Mart in 2008 or 2009. It appears that hundreds of people have been injured by the tables and a class action has been filed from product liability.
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia released a statement:

“We take product safety very seriously. We provide the aesthetic design for beautiful products. Because we do not oversee the mechanical design, engineering or manufacturing of the products, we require all of our vendor partners to adopt and comply with product safety programs and reviews. If customers have any questions about these particular tables, they should contact Kmart customer relations at 866-562-7848.”

This aesthetic design for beautiful product may have a future with the Pentagon. We need only offer a cave over for the Taliban with a design by Martha Stewart. If we are lucky, the Taliban leadership will meet around the patio table.

Source: KDVR

Jonathan Turley

26 thoughts on “Martha Stewart Exploding: Stewart Sued Over Exploding Patio Table”

  1. My MS table just exploded while my husband and I were setting up for a bbq. My 3 dogs were laying next to the table. Never seen or heard anything like this. Millions of glass pieces on the patio. I had my last glass table for 18 years and gave it away. How do I get a refund?

  2. I bought my Martha Stewart set last summer, June of 2011. I used it until October, and put it securely away for the winter. I had just set it up again this May,
    My friend and I had just finished a late morning meal. It was a comfortable 70 degrees with a light wind. Luckily we were in the house when we heard a load crashing sound. On the deck was glass everywhere. Unbelievable !
    I have my receipt and everything from Home Depot. What do I do now ! Do I really want an exploding glass table ???
    This is not funny –it happened , and luckily we had finished eating.

  3. We got our Martha Stewart table around 2003. It went through many, many dinners with family and friends, was out during windstorms, through unbearable hot, sunny days and never a problem. Every Winter we store it in our basement, which stays at a comfort level of about 65°. One day this January, my husband went down to the basement to find the table empty and the glass shattered everywhere on the floor. So yes, they spontaneously combust, with no provocation whatsoever. Very weird. I’m just so glad it didn’t shatter while we were using it. Does anyone know if they ever came up with a replacement agreement for the glass? I can’t find anything on that.

  4. Bought 2 patio tables……first one exploded in 2005 bought a second one and it exploded last week……just glad no one was hurt…….

  5. “a surrounding population too poor to complain effectively.”


    This isn’t always the case. Indian Point in NY, has a very wealthy surrounding population and is fairly close to NYC.
    It is directly on the Hudson River.

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