What Meth Would Jesus Choose? Florida “Officer of the Year” and Christian Blogger Arrested as Meth Dealer

In selecting Police Officer David Britto in 2010 as “Officer of the Year,” many cited his “uncanny knack” of tracking down drug dealers. It become less uncanny this week after he was arrested as a drug dealer of methamphetamine.

In addition to being Officer of the Year and a meth dealer, Britto, 28, allegedly occupied himself blogging about following the teachings of Jesus Christ on his site, blessedwarrior.com. The federal prosecutors allege Britto was involved in drug dealing in South Florida as early as June 2009 — leading up to his selection as Officer of the Year.

The Brazilian-born officer was described by a supervisor in 2010 as an officer with an “uncanny knack for detecting and seeking out illegal narcotics dealers.”

Boynton’s Police Chief Matthew Immler issued a statement:

“The alleged corruption of a police officer, especially one that by all accounts performed his duties admirably and with dedication, affects all of us in the Boynton Beach Police Department.”

Well, not by “all accounts.”

On June 20th, Britto wrote the following blog:

Sometimes we face challenges and are overcome by different obstacles in life. There are things that make us discouraged and are meant to take our happiness away. The hardest battle when that happens is not necessarily what happens to us but how we react to adversity. The biggest challenge for most of us is how we take every thought captive and then stay in control.

At the moment, both Britto and his thoughts are captive in the federal prison pending trial.

Source: Sun Sentinel

25 thoughts on “What Meth Would Jesus Choose? Florida “Officer of the Year” and Christian Blogger Arrested as Meth Dealer”

  1. Dredd, keep sharing the wit for that was truly inspired.

    What Gene H said … big time!

  2. What is truly appalling here is the updated facts brought anon nurse. The special treatment of LEO’s when charged with crimes has got to stop. If anything, the responsibilities of their positions and sworn duty to uphold the law should merit harsher treatment by the judiciary and prosecution, not the kid glove treatment like this guy is getting. Letting officers get away with crimes and then giving them special consideration in both treatment and sentencing undermines the faith in the criminal justice system. The faith in the criminal justice system in this country has already eroded to the point that most people consider the police suspect at best and criminals with badges at worst. If the criminal justice system isn’t willing to clean up their own house, then they are not fit to clean up anyone else’s and instances like this one only further that impression with the public. Law enforcement constantly complains about the “lack of respect” they feel they are owed. Maybe they should earn some respect by realizing the Brotherhood of Blue and lax enforcement against or special treatment of officers accused of crimes (let alone found guilty) is the primary driver of that lack of respect and then doing something about it.

  3. Dredd
    1, July 8, 2011 at 10:17 am
    I guess he was a meth o dist?
    that was most excellent…

    isn’t it rather dangerous to be a cop AND deal drugs AND arrest drug dealers?

    he doesn’t sound very trustworthy or sincere….

  4. Who knew that the answer to “What would Jesus do?” is “Make meth.”

    Although a chemical that will eat dime sized holes in your brain and make you schizophrenic sure would go a long way to explaining fundamentalism.

    And what Gyges said about bad philosophies.

  5. You know the old saying “you couldn’t make this s#*t up” really is the truth

  6. I wonder about the credibility of the government….especially the Feds….They do not like competition…and if Britto was attempting to infiltrate the “ring” and doing his “Jesus” pronounced [hey zuse] thingy…..

    There is something greatly amiss in this story…I am unsure what it it….there is a Federal correctional in Federal deep east Texas where they are warehoused after convictions….press is not allowed for some reason….

  7. Dredd!!!!

    That’s dreadful..

    You and me both Mespo…
    Gotta be quick around here.

  8. “The biggest challenge for most of us is how we take every thought captive and then stay in control. ”

    When your philosophy is built around something you can’t do, it’s a bad philosophy.

  9. He won’t be “captive” much longer. In and out…soon, anyway. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out…


    Indicted Boynton officer to get curfew, electronic monitoring after release from prison

    By Paula McMahon and Alexia Campbell, Sun Sentinel

    6:45 p.m. EDT, July 7, 2011

    MIAMI —

    A Boynton Beach police officer indicted on drug charges is expected to be released from prison after a federal judge set a $100,000 bond for him.

    U.S. Magistrate Judge Edwin Torres said during a Thursday hearing that Officer David Britto will have an 11 p.m. curfew and must stay out of Boynton Beach while the case is pending. He will be monitored electronically. The officer is on paid administrative leave, department officials said.

    Britto’s mother told Torres that she and Britto’s girlfriend would post his bond and that the money would come from a legitimate source.

    Britto will plead not guilty at his July 18 arraignment, said his attorney, Michael Salnick, who recently defended Dalia Dippolito in the Boynton Beach murder-for-hire case.

    The Boynton Beach officer likely will be released within 48 hours, Salnick said. Britto has been suspended from work pending an internal police investigation, he said, and hopes police don’t take more drastic measures.

    The federal charges against the former U.S. Marine Corps sergeant accuse him of being involved in criminal activity in South Florida from as early as June 2009 and until about March 4.

  10. a novel way of getting rid of the competition. Or maybe not so novel.

  11. ” “uncanny knack” of tracking down drug dealers. ”
    I guess it really proves the theory”it takes one to know one”

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