Video: Arkansas Man Arrested After Videotaping Police From His Own Front Yard

We recently saw a video of a New York woman arrested in her own front yard for videotaping officers in the course of an arrest. Now, a video has been released of a Jonesboro, Arkansas man who arrested after filming police conduct a search of a neighbor’s vehicle and body. The video was taken last year.

The man is heard yelling “Nazis” and accusing the police of violating the 4th Amendment.

Police officers then confront the man for calling them Nazis and demand his identification. They then threaten him with a variety of possible charges from disturbing the peace to disorderly conduct to obstruction. Since when is it a crime to swear at officers?

The man is rude and clearly hostile to police. However, I fail to see the basis for the stop and eventual arrest. Police are trained to deal with obnoxious and hostile people which is an unfortunate reality of the job. The response is not to demand identification when insulted and threaten arrest.

We have been following the disturbing trend of police arresting citizens for videotaping them in public. There remains no significant response from elected officials to stop this abusive trend.

One site is reporting that after arresting him and searching his garage (and finding a gun), the prosecutors dropped the charges.

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  1. First Nazi is a political party that took over Germany. It’s not a race.. Therefore it’s not a racial slur. Calling a police officer a political party member because his actions in your opinion line up to the actions of Nazi’s and their actions in regard to the SS is apart of our free speech. Sorry if you think it’s offensive but that’s what the 1st ammendment is about. Now days you have to pay a permit to protest, now they can enter your property and arrest you in your garage because you speak out in your home at them.. They will make you pay because you are a lamb.. We are not free at all.. Arrested for yelling your breaking our laws aka Nazi!

  2. Chaz,

    Another updated in the Darrin Ring case today, which you described above as “not an example of police abuses”:

    Humphreys man files suit, says sheriff, deputies beat him

    According to the complaint, even after Ring was taken into custody and placed naked in a jail cell, Davis personally beat and kicked him, with a deputy standing by.

    “Although Ring was restrained hand and foot by mechanical devices, the sheriff then began to beat and strike Ring. Ring was also kicked in various places in his body,” the complaint states.

    Though he had been blinded by pepper spray, the complaint states that Ring knew it was Davis who was beating him, because he recognized his voice. Davis was Ring’s high school football coach.

    The suit further charges that Ring was later Tasered by another deputy who wanted to show a colleague “firsthand a Taser experience.” Ring was “cuffed and shackled and laying on the floor of the jail cell” at the time.

    The complaint also charges that the sheriff’s department delayed seeking medical care for Ring, who suffered broken ribs and multiple bruises as a result of the beating. He was not taken to the hospital until the next morning.

  3. The key issue here is the perceived violation of the law.
    Had the man NOT yelled at the officer, there would have been absolutely no cause to enter his property, interact with him, demand id, etc. Notice that the officer seemed to be ready to enter his car and leave. He waved at Joe Citizen filming him. But when NAZI! came blaring out… Well… heck.

    This incident seems to be, from a legal point of view, no different than if the officer had “witnessed” any other “crime” on his property, ie a noise violation, a fist-fight, a gunshot, a dog fight, etc.

    The officer claimed it was “disturbing the peace” and that legally allowed him to enter the property. Period.

    I say the citizen was clearly in the wrong for yelling at the officer. If you want to “play the game”, as we say, “ya gotta know the rules.” Yelling gave the officer a pretext, no matter how slim, to enter the property for a suspected misdemeanor “disturbing the peace.”

    Note to anyone dealing with police in the future: don’t scream NAZI at a cop who seems to be merely doing his job. Absent any knowledge of what is going on, film it and don’t be part of the problem.

    Yeah, if you see somebody getting curb-stomped by police, you may want to handle it a little differently, but you can’t help anyone if you get wrapped up in the problem also.
    My 2 cents worth…
    Tom Stedham

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