Warrant Issued For Former Prosecutor After No Show In Theft Trial

A Louisiana court has issued a warrant for arrest for former Terrebonne assistant district attorney Stephen Callahan, 51, after he failed to appear to stand trial on allegations that he stole the money of a client, Sarah Reed, 56. Callahan’s lawyer has insisted that Callahan simply couldn’t find a ride on Monday or Tuesday.

Reed paid $3,000 to Stephen Callahan to advise her son Van Wolfe but said that he never performed his duties as a criminal defense attorney. Callahan was later arrested and faces four counts theft over $500.

Terrebonne Judge George Larke was not persuaded by the car difficulty claims and issued the warrant.

Source: Daily Comet as first seen on ABA Journal

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  2. “Gene H.


    Some people just have problems and freak out whenever the Karma won’t start.”

    Oh brother … that was so bad, it was good!

  3. Perhaps Mr. Callahan is not familiar with the procedural device known as a motion for continuance.

  4. OS,

    Some people just have problems and freak out whenever the Karma won’t start.

  5. Dredd is spot on. Karma can come back and bite you.

    Speaking of Karma, I recall reading that the carpenter who built the New York electric chair was executed in it some years later.

  6. “Those who know Callahan said he was in a drug-rehabilitation center but were unsure if he was still receiving treatment.” – Daily Comet

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