Driver Succeeds In Effort To Wear Pasta Strainer On License As Pastafarian

If this driver’s license appears a bit odd, it may be due to the fact that Niko Alm is wearing a pasta strainer. An atheist, Alm claimed that the pasta strainer was religious headgear as a pastafarian and member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It is not clear if he listed his weight as al dente.

Alm came up with the idea when he read that headgear was allowed in official pictures only for religious reasons. Police say that the only issue for them is that his face is fully visible. The Austrian police did however require him to obtain a doctor’s certificate that he was “psychologically fit” to drive.

Alm was cleared as perfectly sane.

Source: BBC

24 thoughts on “Driver Succeeds In Effort To Wear Pasta Strainer On License As Pastafarian

  1. A simply silly but charming poke at hypocrisy using civil disobedience/non-conformity.

    I have to say that I like it. Like it as a political and ideological statement that is. As a fashion statement, I’ll have to say it is questionable at best.

  2. It strains credulity, but it’s a great story. FSM adherents, like other religionists, need their own headgear.

  3. My kind of guy! Can we invite him to join us on the Turley Blog?! As a former Zoroastbeeferonian, I know how it feels to be a member of a persecuted minority religion. Our sacred headgear was a multi-colored beanie with a plastic propeller on top. And, of course, we were never without our ritualistic Holy Slapsticks. Our mantra was “Thou shalt not grimace”. Amen.

  4. Dang, we Ceiling Cat/LOLspeak adherents need to get our own hat. My cats will sit on my head but only if I’m laying down and that just doesn’t work at all for social events. Srsly.

  5. Gene H

    actually there was one particular plant they used for religious purposes


    thanks, now i’ve got two cats goose-stepping around the living room.

  6. Pete-
    Sorry about your fascist cats. No gratitude amongst the kitlers. You give them the gourmet cat food and they still frame you for the Reichstag Fire.

    Gene H.-
    The kitlers demand sauerbraten and dumplings.

  7. pete,

    I’m not much on organized religion, but I would be interested in talking to your brother. Although from the sound of it, Reformed Druidism might be a slightly disorganized religion so perhaps that addresses my concerns.


    I should have known! Only the best for the überkatzen.

  8. hey, I saw the Flying Spaghetti Monster in person at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear in Washington DC October 30, 2010! I took pics! He (she?) is real!

  9. Brian, Thanks for the link, it was a charming article. I could enjoy their ceremony from even a purely secular point of view.

    From linked article:

    “Ritual In accord with the Basic Tenets, Reformed Druid worship is directed toward Nature. Services involve gathering in a wooded place periodically (the original group met weekly during warm weather) and on the festival days of Northern European Pagan tradition. Services typically include:

    The ritual consumption of “spirits” (Scotch whisky blended with water), called “the Waters-of-Life”.[citation needed]
    The singing of religious songs.
    The performance of ceremonial chanting.
    Prayers and meditations.
    The written liturgy[11] calls for a “sacrifice of life”. An early disagreement, recounted in The Druid Chronicles, was resolved by limiting the sacrifice to plant life, whence the term “Reformed” was adopted as part of the group’s name.[citation needed]”

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