Report: Assassin of Hamid Karzai’s Brother Was Trusted CIA Operative

News reports indicate that the bodyguard who assassinated President Hamid Karzai’s brother was a trusted CIA operative and worked closely with US Special Forces. He also appears to have been an undercover operative for the Taliban. Sardar Mohammad shot Ahmed Wali Karzai at his home in Kandahar City on Tuesday. He has two brothers-in-law serving in a CIA-run paramilitary unit, the Kandahar Strike Force.

We have previously seen CIA operatives and sources engaged in terrorist attacks or flagrant fraud.

American officials immediately suggested that this was a personal vendetta but there is growing evidence that we were paying a Taliban operative and helping him gain access to high-level American and British officials.

Source: Independent

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  1. There is also another part to this….what Frank and OS and Mike have stated is all very true, I think the part that has been left out is this American fantasy called “Manifest Destiny” That ugly little bug has been raising it’s head since the 1780’s. IMHO this theory has make it possible for us, all of us to close our eyes to the atrocities this country has committed in the name of Manifest Destiny.

  2. “If someone is not angry, it is because they are not paying attention. Or are too dense to be allowed out of the house without a keeper.”


    Most people worry far too much about making a living and work to hard to do so, that snatches of TV news represents the bulk of what they know about the world. TV news much prefers a sensationalized story, to analysis of the doings of our Corporatism, in which they play a big roll anyway.


    Sorry about “Fank”.

  3. AY & SwM,

    I think you have both answered Fank and OS’s and all of our questions as regard we are spending the lives of our people in this Godforsaken military debacle. Follow the money, remembering China holds much of our debt and that international corporate trade is uninterested in borders, only profit.

  4. Frank, I am with you. As a child of the Great Depression, I have been watching with dismay ever since the Vietnam War as the country and values I treasured are swirling the drain. I have heard of the loyal opposition before, but hearing the leader of the opposition party say their main goal is to make sure this President fails is something new. That seems to go well beyond politics and borders on sedition.

    If someone is not angry, it is because they are not paying attention. Or are too dense to be allowed out of the house without a keeper.

  5. AY – there was also talk during the Boy Blunder regime that there would be a pipeline to bring crude from the former Soviet Union ‘Stans’ down to the sea. So that is a distinct possibility. Though how all of that infrastructure would be kept safe is an issue that gets no attention. It could easily cost more than a trillion to extract it & remove it safely.

  6. OS – if there was such an award I would already have retired it – I’m an angry old man watching my country being ground into shit ans snark is my only weapon.

  7. Frank, if Professor Turley gave an ironic snark award, you would certainly win today’s, hands down. Very good.

  8. OS – if we leave the ISI will be back in charge and that will somehow be worse for us, I guess. And, really, it is only costing us $2billion -A DAY! – to stay there. In a country as well off as the US thats chump change, hell we spend much more than that taking care of the sick and disadvantaged here at home, right? Building and staffing schools? Funding research that will advance the sciences?

  9. Would somebody please tell me why we are still there? Bin Laden is dead, the Taliban is nothing more than a religious-based tribal phenomenon, and the culture of that country seems to be charging headlong into the thirteenth century.

    Now ‘splain to me what we expect to accomplish, realistically.

    It occurs to me that the government of Afghanistan is approximately what this country would look like if the Randian teabaggers got their wet dreams enacted. Tribal, everyone looks out for themselves, graft and corruption are the norm, and the infrastructure is a joke.

  10. My kid worked with Wally during his time in Afghanistan and he hated him very much. The guy was a drug lord an con artist and dirty as the day is long. The Army gave him millions of dollars to buy his assistance and he took kickbacks from those he allowed to do work for the Army or with government funds. Had the mafia openly taken over NYC the borough presidents would be what Wally was; a cappo but not the “di tutti capi”. That would have to be Hamid.

    We are in bed with some very bad people there, they really will not do well by us and all this sacrifice by all these great kids we have sent into that meat grinder is only supporting a narco-criminal syndicate that is bankrupting us and poisoning the world with heroin.

  11. Wait a minute…you mean we pay….counter-counter agents for what did I read Taliban….Are these the Double Naught Spys……

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