Gay Barbarians at the Gate!

 Submitted by Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

Yesterday, a group of “gay barbarians” entered Marcus Bachmann’s Christian counseling center in Minnesota and demanded to be disciplined by Marcus himself.


Some of you may have already heard what Marcus Bachmann said about homosexuals in a radio interview last year:


Gay ‘Barbarians’ Demand Ex-Gay ‘Discipline’ From Bachmann Clinic (Think Progress)

32 thoughts on “Gay Barbarians at the Gate!”

  1. John Bobbitt was a military Reservist, who missed the invasion of Grenada, because he was separated from his unit.

  2. Marcus,
    Just a friendly (but not too friendly) piece of advice…

    Make the switch and ditch the bitch!!!

  3. Peaceful protest mixed with glitter. Now that’s a class act. Go Divas!

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