Gay Barbarians at the Gate!

 Submitted by Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

Yesterday, a group of “gay barbarians” entered Marcus Bachmann’s Christian counseling center in Minnesota and demanded to be disciplined by Marcus himself.


Some of you may have already heard what Marcus Bachmann said about homosexuals in a radio interview last year:


Gay ‘Barbarians’ Demand Ex-Gay ‘Discipline’ From Bachmann Clinic (Think Progress)

32 thoughts on “Gay Barbarians at the Gate!”

  1. Gene,
    glitter bombs are dangerous if you have a cut or an abrasion and one of those nasty weapons of destruction get under your skin! You could get an infection.

  2. I tell you they just don’t make barbarians like they used to but that’s not a bad thing. I think the Fabulous Barbarians made their point fabulously, but I’m pretty sure the Visigoths would have gotten stomped had they tried to glitter bomb Rome instead of sacking it and while this Marcus is clearly no Marcus Aurelius, I suppose different times, targets and objectives call for different tactics. Good job, Fabulous Horde! May your supply of glitter be endless until the day you no longer need it.

  3. Looks like Bachmann is falling in the polls. The latest CNN poll has her at 10%, Romney at 16% and the still unannounced Perry at 14%. This poll alone could make Perry jump in although the tea party has been complaining that he isn’t strict enough on immigration which is actually brilliant on his part. He gains hispanic support this way.

  4. Mike S.,

    Michele doesn’t really get migraines. It’s just an excuse she uses when she doesn’t want to have sex with Marcus. Who could blame her?


  5. It occurs to me that a video of the Bachman’s having sex would be great for promoting abstinence.

  6. Heard an interesting discussion about Mr. Bachman the other night,This person said that Mr Bachman is a victim of two things.
    1.He suffers from the double Gs.Which means”Gay Giveaway”
    2.And I had to write this one down,he also has the “Abner Mintz”problem.Meaning he walks in half steps not a full stride and he also walks on his toes.
    He said this is really the cause of Mrs. Bachmans migraine headaches.

  7. Nal,

    “Humor can be a potent force in exposing the absurd.”

    That’s why I so enjoy watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report…and Bill Maher.

  8. My guess is that Marcus see himself more on the receiving end than the administrating end of the discipline. Like Jesus General ( he knows a large man in Seattle that will apply “The Spatula of Righteousness” as required.

  9. Meow….Media Exposure….or just plain exposure for the frauds that they are….

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