Day 3-4: Heux, France (The Arrival of the Plague Doctors)

Courtesy of Allison Made McBain
This morning we are off to the market in Mezin — a market that has existed for hundreds of years.  In lieu of a detailed blog this morning, I give you my friend, Allison Made McBane and one of her sons, Alexander.  They are wearing a mark called the “plague doctor” mask.  It was taken at the Chateau on the Roman well.

Last night, we dined on couscous and veal purchased at the market and, of course, more of the wine (made from the grapes surrounding the Chateau and refined next door). For lunch we had quail and the local ham and, of course, more wine.

Here are a couple of other wonderful shots — courtesy of Allison Made McBane

The Roman Well (Courtesy of Allison Made McBane)

Courtesy of Allison Made McBane

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  1. Thank you kind sir…I had heard of Vodka named Dripping Springs….But never whiskey….Looks deadly….

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