Man Kills 4-Year-Old Boy He Thought Was Gay

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

Peter Lucas Moses
Jadon Higganbothan

A Durham, North Carolina, man has been charged with killing a 4-year-old boy and a 28-year-old woman. Peter Lucas Moses, 27, and six others face murder charges in the deaths of Jadon Higganbothan, 4, and Antoinetta Yvonne McKoy, 28.

Moses led a cult-like group, known as The Black Hebrew Israelites, of women and children who called him “Lord.” Jadon had apparently hit another child’s bottom leading Moses to think the boy was gay. Prosecutors allege that Moses took Jadon into the garage and shot him in the head while music and the Lord’s Prayer, in Hebrew, blared. District Attorney Tracey Cline said “In the religious belief of that organization, homosexuality was frowned on.”

McKoy tried to escape the cult’s house but was caught and dragged back inside by some of the other women, according to neighbors. According to an informant, Moses beat McKoy and tried to strangle her with an extension cord while she begged for her life. He finally went and got the gun used to kill Jadon and shot McKoy. McKoy was unable to have children and wrote in her diary that she feared the “Lord” might kill her.

The Hebrew Israelite movement is a group of militant black supremacists as reported by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Hebrew Israelites call for death for Jews and gay men and lesbians, and celebrate the Christmas holiday by “lynching” effigies of the Virgin Mary and Santa Claus.

H/T: Dissenting Justice, The News & Observer, The New Civil Rights Movement, WRAL.

27 thoughts on “Man Kills 4-Year-Old Boy He Thought Was Gay”

  1. When I heard about this I was really shocked. Suddenly being gay doesn’t give a person the freedom to live? On the top rated gay sites the community is against this men and my recommendation for him is to hide because I don’t think in prison he will be welcome.

  2. Well, Leviticus does require death for male homosexuality. Lesbians are safe I guess. Of course it also requires death for disobedient children, infidelity (funny how the nutjobs never point that one out) and a laundry list of other offenses. Also odd, not for abortion, which He Himself commits regularly throughout the OT, often on a grand scale.

    This is what happens when you rely on a poorly edited compilation of fragments of 3000 year old morality tales from nomadic sheep herders as the absolute word of God, inerrant and eternal.

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