Day 4-5: Heux, France

Church in Condom
We began this day with just Leslie and I (and Madie) running to the store to buy the makings for a dinner for tonight. We quickly became sidetracked in Condom and went into the glorious church at the center of town. Outside we found a statue of the Three Musketeers – who all came from this region, including d’Artagnan came from this immediate vicinity. Putting asides its prophylactic name, the town is uninhibited, well-populated, and quintessentially Gascon. Narrow roads are filled with shops for pastries, bread, antiques, and other distractions. We returned laden with escargot, cheeses (including one of my favorites – the Petit Basque), fresh bread, and Gascon cakes. [Note:  our internet access was lost for a couple days in Gascony.  We are now posting from a hotel in Rennes]

We then returned to Chiroulet next door for a second tasting, which I will describe in a separate posting. These Gascon wines are truly wonderful. Full bodies with a taste of what the Gascons insist is the unique terrior.

Since it was raining, the kids entertained themselves by making a movie about zombies, which turned out a bit like the Blair Witch Project mixed with primal screaming contests. Nevertheless, watching them climb over the Seventeenth Century walls while hunting zombies was a great joy – particularly as the adults finished off another four bottles of local wines.

7 thoughts on “Day 4-5: Heux, France”

  1. Mike A.,

    Me too. I was wondering if that’s anything like a ship in a bottle.

  2. A beautiful church indeed. But somehow the caption “Church in Condom” creates a disconnect in my brain.

  3. Wait… Did time stop? Wasn’t it “Day 4-5”, 1 to 2 days ago…. 🙂 I thought that time was supposed to fly, when you’re…. Oh, nevermind…

    Agree with Blouise that the church photo is “gorgeous”…

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