The GOP And Voter Disenfranchisement

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

There are two ways to increase your chances of winning an election, get more voters to cast their ballots for you, or get fewer voters to cast their ballots for your opponent. The GOP had decided to pursue the latter option.

There is nothing more sacred in a democracy that the right to vote, so an attack on voting rights is an attack on democracy. That is exactly what is happening in many states across our land. Republican governors and legislatures are passing laws making it extremely difficult for certain Americans to vote.

The Republicans use the illusion of voter fraud to mask their contempt of the Constitution. A report from the Brennan Center for Justice found the incidence of voter fraud at rates such as 0.0003 percent in Missouri and 0.000009 percent in New York. Michael Waldman, executive director of the Brennan Center said  “Voter impersonation is an illusion.” The Brennan report also states:

We are not aware of any documented cases in which individual noncitizens have either intentionally registered to vote or voted while knowing that they were ineligible.

Kris Kobach, the secretary of state of Kansas and longtime conservative activist, has led the voter ID drive in his state. Kobach explained that between 1997 and 2010, Kansas has experienced “221 cases of reported voter fraud.” A dubious claim since not a single criminal conviction has resulted. Over the same period of time, Kansans cast 10 million votes. Even if everyone of the claimed cases of voter fraud were accurate, the rate of fraud would be miniscule.

Numerous surveys show that blacks, Hispanics, the elderly, and the young are less likely like to possess a form of government-issued identification. Except for the elderly, the other demographics are more likely to vote Democratic. The elderly are more likely to vote Republican. In a shameless display of the falsity of their voter fraud motivations, Republicans in Texas simply exempted the elderly from the new voter ID law.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, after signing a voter ID law requiring voters to have a photo ID, then closed DMV offices in Democratic areas and expanded DMV operating hours in Republican areas. South Carolina governor Nikki Haley said she “will go take them to the DMV myself and help them get that picture ID.” Even with carpooling, it would take 7 years, 4 months, 3 weeks and 5 days to take the 178,000 voters to the DMV. That assumes good traffic conditions.

H/T: WaPo, Bloomberg, E.J. Dionne, Think Progress, Daily Kos.

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  1. Facing Backlash For Disenfranchising Voters, Gov. Walker Reverses Course On Plan To Close Several DMV Offices
    By Marie Diamond
    ThinkProgress Justice on Aug 6, 2011

    In a sharp reversal, the state of Wisconsin announced yesterday it will expand Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) services to accommodate the increased demand for photo identification in the wake of a controversial new Voter ID law. As ThinkProgress reported last week, after signing a Voter ID law earlier this year that disenfranchises tens of thousands of Wisconsin voters, Gov. Scott Walker (R) then called for closing as many as 16 DMV offices across the state, making it even more difficult for residents to obtain the ID they needed to regain their electoral voice.

    Walker’s undemocratic plan prompted widespread criticism and has apparently compelled the administration to completely change its position:

    Department of Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb said the expansion leaves all current offices open, increases the total number of offices across the state from 88 to 92 and drastically expands the hours of operation for some 40 counties.

    The change, expected to cost about $6 million the first year and $4 million every year going forward, was called for by Gov. Scott Walker’s 2011-13 budget and was meant to address an increase in demand for photo IDs in the wake of the state’s new law requiring voters to show ID at the polls.[…]

    The plan announced Thursday differed markedly from the one first unveiled last month, which called for closing as many as 16 offices while expanding office hours elsewhere. That proposal was immediately panned by some as unfairly targeting Democratic areas.

  2. OS:

    “I said earlier, if you were getting disability via the Social Security Disability program, you draw Medicare”

    That is the case with my relative.

  3. Re people causing their own housing and mortgage problems. Certainly an anecdote is only an anecdote however, I know from real estate agents of folks who were lied to about getting a mortgage and next were visited by the District attorney’s office because these were scam artists going around preying on those they knew were in desperate situations. Not everyone is as smart as we are.

  4. I just saw some of your comments. Thank you to all who read what I wrote and responded in such kind ways.
    It is nice when you have a coommunity that can help, although sometimes money is what you need to stay in your home and take care of basic needs.
    I have no family and because my disability kept me housebound for many,many years I sadly do not have folks on whom I can call when in need. In our society the sense of community that once existed no longer seems to be the case and those in need, as a result, often do get left by the wayside.

  5. Always love the childish responses from the liberal peanut gallery, which is glued to this site.

  6. ….and asks for a smoke….he is looked at by the bartender very strangely….and then he is puzzled why the bartender looks at him so and asks….

  7. camelriders,

    You just might appreciate some of my camel jokes … “A teabagger walks into a bar …”

  8. “We have seen what groups like ACORN do and how they have splintered into about a dozen different groups are are up to their old tricks and this group is 100% funded by dems to cheat at the polls.”

    ROFLMAO, Se, y’all should have left them alone so they stayed in one group- they’d be easier to monitor that way. Serious lack of foresight there eh?

  9. Sounds like the GOP is learning from the dems real well. For people to insinuate that voter fraud is low is just foolish. We have seen what groups like ACORN do and how they have splintered into about a dozen different groups are are up to their old tricks and this group is 100% funded by dems to cheat at the polls. We have seen desm keep polls open past the normal closing hours in heavey dem districts in every election cycle so we already know where they are coming from on this issue… they are mad the opposition is either playing the same game or making it hard for them to cheat.

  10. eneobob, those deductions do apply to Medicare recipients. They hit you for Part A & B, etc. If you were getting Medicaid, you would not have the deductions. Some states have their own version of Medicaid via a treaty with the Feds. In Tennessee, for example, it is called TennCare. Those programs operate at pretty much the same rules as Medicaid, in that there is no Part A, B or D deductions. There is no equivalent state run program for Medicare. As I said earlier, if you were getting disability via the Social Security Disability program, you draw Medicare. If you did not pay in enough to the fund, then you get SSI and Medicaid. You have to have worked at least ten (10) quarters at full time wages to qualify for Social Security and Medicare. Work less than ten quarters and you would get SSI and Medicaid if disabled.

  11. OS:
    I got what I am talking about in black and white,as far as those deductions for Medicare,have family member who had knee injury,Their medicare starts this month as matter of fact so does the deductions.

    Injury happened (3) years ago .

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