DOT Seeks An “Associate Administrator For Administration”

In our effort to be full service, I am posting a new governmental position for any of our contributions looking for gainful (baneful?) employment. I saw an interesting item on Reddit for a position with the Department of Transportation of “Associate Administrator for Administration” at the Department of Transportation. Now that is a bureaucrats dream — administering the administrators.

The job earns as much as $179,700. This makes me want to give up my application for “Back Washer” and “Napper Tender.”

35 thoughts on “DOT Seeks An “Associate Administrator For Administration””

  1. Frankly,

    Do you know what the earliest known Euphemism is? It’s the ancestor of the word bear, which loosely translates to brown one.

    Primitive people believed that naming things gave them power, and drew the spirits’\animals’\whatevers’ attention.

    Let’s contemplate the wisdom of that idea.

    Also, if they’re expected to cut back on the uncalled for attacks, perhaps everyone should expect the same from themselves.

  2. Dave, why you hafta go and harsh us while we’re getting our hate on? I don’t want little things like facts or logic being dragged into a perfectly nice argument for destroying the entire Federal government.

    I’m stunned klownderosa and his orange haired buddies have not already tumbled out of their tiny car to tell us that this story means we simply must end medicare.

  3. Gene,

    I’m currently trying to talk my boss into letting me be a “Grand Vizier,” the main hang up is that interpreting dreams is a secondary duty, not a primary one.

  4. The ad was originally placed for the job title “Grand Poobah”, but the only people applying were wearing a fez and riding minibikes.

  5. I’m going to try and clarify:
    While it does sound weird to read it, this makes sense. There are many different departments in most large public-works type agencies: design; permitting; construction; inspection; etc. One of those is administration, which oversees all the others. There is probably an “Associate Administrator for Design” as well.
    Just saying

  6. Raff, that money is well over the Social Security cap of $106,800. You would not have to pay in the whole year! Money to blow the last quarter of the year.

  7. I always wanted to be the administrative assistant to the assistant administrator in charge of admiinistration. Best title in the world.

  8. I might have considered a job as a “Whizzer” when younger, but now that I am older, I seem to have a bit of trouble getting started in the morning.

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