Oregon Man Arrested For Urinating On Sleeping 11-Year-Old Girl on JetBlue Flight

Robert Vietze, 18, of South Warren Vt. caused a commotion on a JetBlue flight from Portland to New York yesterday when he urinated on a sleeping 11-year-old girl. What is interesting about this case is the charge: indecent exposure rather than assault or other more serious charge.

Vietze was clearly drunk and says that he had consumed eight alcoholic drinks. He said later “I was drunk, and I did not realize I was pissing on her leg.”

The girl’s father caught Vietze in the course of his assault and stop him. Vietze was then moved to the back of the plane and later police were called on the flight. (Notably, another passenger later vomited and developed chest pains — making this a nightmare flight for the crew).

Vietze was issued a federal summons for indecent exposure and released. Clearly, intent is mitigated a bit by his inebriation, but I am surprised by the relatively low-level charge. Of course, as a sexually related offense with a minor, this could trigger also problems for Vietze down the road. Perhaps the police agreed that Vietze was not aiming for the girl who was hit on the leg. It will be interesting, however, whether this will be treated as a sex offender charge.

Now a note for JetBlue: please give this crew a paid day off.

Source: NY Post

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  1. Moral? Don’t sleep on a Jet Blue plane if you are rabidly anti-golden shower.

    I don’t see it as assault…I see it as stupidity and drunk in public. The rest is hyperbole.

  2. It pains me to think I spent ten years of my life serving in the military of this country so that the likes of Robert can violate an eleven year child like this!!! I do believe, Robert, that should you read this, and would contact me, I could cure your bladder control problems. Actually, since you would have to squat to urinate after our meeting, your bladder control should no longer be an issue. When you pray to whatever God you worship, you should thank Him that it was not one of my daughters you violated. If it had been, you would be meeting Him personally.

  3. Otteray, Glad she is doing better.
    I am getting tired of seeing inebriation used as a mitigating factor. If you get into a car after drinkinig and drive and G-fd Forbid kill someone it should be premeditated murder, you knew this could happen. This fellow’s drinking is no excuse either. Certainly it was not premeditated (I hope) urinating on a child but it is ot a surprise when your behavior becomes offensive or worse, including up to a misdemeanor or felony level action. As somoeone else wrote where was the cabin crew on this?

  4. Gyges,

    I’d agree … almost up to Elaine

    No puns on this thread till after 7pm … that is rather strange

  5. Of course he didn’t, pete. There was no mention of the man being a politician.

  6. Blouise,

    I’d say that was almost Elaine level word crafting.

    Honestly though, I’m a little surprised this thread is so pun free. Usually this is the sort of thing that gets all the wiz kids to have a go at it.

  7. “I was drunk, and I did not realize I was pissing on her leg.”

    where did he think he was pissing?

  8. Sexual assault charges would certainly be overreaching, but it at least constitutes simple battery.

  9. I’m not at all convinced there wasn’t intent simply because of the “coincidence” that the sleeping child urinated on just happened to be the child whose father and sister were occupying the restrooms that the drunk needed to use. The plane was full of sleeping passengers (5 1/2 hour night flight out of Oregon to New York) thus no witnesses until after the fact as many of them were awakened by the altercation. The drunk is urinating, the father exits the restroom and catches him. The drunk finishes the flight in the back of the plane where he has lots of time to come up with the, gee, it was an accident … I’m just a poor drunk defense. Who can prove otherwise, right?

  10. I think Jet Blue bears quite a bit of respnsibility as a common carrier charged with the highest duty to protect its passengers that the law allows. If the offending passenger is that snockered at boarding, who lets a drunk like that get on the plane? If sober at takeoff, who serves him that much liquor on the plane to get that snockered?

    Paid day off? I’d get them a subpoena to appear.

  11. I’m glad to hear your daughter is better and might get to come home soon, good news indeed!

    The world has truly gone mad and I know it has because I’m agreeing with Anon. OMG!

    Absolutely no sexual assault charge- that’s insane and an abuse of the legal process. The kid should have to pay to replace the cloths the child was wearing and a medical exam. Some counseling about drinking wouldn’t hurt either. This is a civil matter IMO; not every stupid, rude act needs to be criminalized but if it is a criminal matter then it should be something that doesn’t tie up court/jury time or put someone in a cell. There’s too much of that already.

    This is an interesting case to have posted on the same day as a DUI case wherein the drunk actually killed someone and ended up with 4 days in the can because the court and its officers were too lazy/stupid to read a file (my bet anyway). Justice has become a farce.

  12. OS,

    Miracles come when we expect them only….The problem with most prayers…is they do not know what to ask for….If you expect the best….one day it will most certainly come….

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