[Do Not] Bring Out Your Dead: Illinois Announces It Can No Longer Pay For Burials

As our leaders continue to spend billions in three unpopular wars, our cities and states continue to move closer and closer to a state of nature. This week, the state of Illinois will stop paying to bury the dead. Funeral directors have been sent a letter that they will have to find something to do with indigent dead people.

The letter to more than 600 funeral directors says that the state will no longer foot the $13 million bill to pay for an estimated 12,000 funerals for individuals who relied on public aid. One funeral owner is quoted as saying “Now the only viable option — I don’t mean to make light of it — is to leave the body at the medical examiner office.”

Hundreds of billions have been expended abroad as our citizens can no longer be buried for lack of funds. This would be a poor joke if it were at all funny.


33 thoughts on “[Do Not] Bring Out Your Dead: Illinois Announces It Can No Longer Pay For Burials”

  1. Cremation not only makes economic sense, it makes sense from a public health perspective.

  2. About $1083 per cadaver. Body prep and cremation could be done for a lot less.

  3. it suppose to be sam kinnison

    (charlton heston shakes fist at flem building)

  4. Mike,

    You left out C) Leaving dead rotting bodies everywhere is a great way to cause the death of huge chunks of your population.

  5. Taxpayers cover the cost of burying the destitute because (a) society would not tolerate dead bodies being left on the curb next to the recycle bin and (b) we believe that human dignity should be respected even in death. But actual burial is merely a tradition. But cremation would obviously be more cost effective.

  6. yes mr. spindell. Swiftian indeed. Never been much of a type to extemporaneously belt out “June is Bustin’ Out All Over”. I look at the Statue of Liberty in two different ways. I get misty when crusing by it on a tour boat, imagining myself as an ancestor seeing it upon arrival to the promised land. I also see it as Colonel Taylor did in “Planet of the Apes.” I’m hoping we don’t get to that with all the monkey business in DC.

  7. Couple of points.

    I had a friend who died a number of years ago. He could care less what happened to his body once he was finished with it. He had a dry sense of humor and often said, “After a week or so, I expect the folks offended by the smell will come up with a solution for disposing of my second hand carcass.”

    Second, there were suggestions for donating the bodies to medical schools. The problem is that medical schools sometimes already have more cadavers than they can use. What would happen if they suddenly got a flood of hundreds more?

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