Boys of Fall: Coach Orders Carpenter Off Job For Wearing Wrong Tee Shirt

Submitted by Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

With the end of summer comes the beginning of the fall ritual that is college football. You know, where men of strength and character mold the  minds and bodies of our youth into men of strength and character. There are plenty of good examples and one particularly curious one. Oklahoma State FB coach Mike Gundy is a world-wide phenom for his 2007 YouTube meltdown in which he attempted to deflect criticism from a OSU football player with his famous, “I’m a Man. I’m 40!” tirade against the local newspaper reporter, Jenni Carlson, for printing, well, the truth. You can re-live that moment here

Seems Coach Gundy has allegedly fallen off the anger management wagon once again.  According to a suit filed in Payne County (OK) District Court, “Coach Calm” was none too happy with the wardrobe choices by Choctaw carpenter, Brent Loveland.  Loveland had the audacity to sport a gray tee-shirt bearing the name of OSU’s hated rival the University of Oklahoma.

Loveland had done some commendable trim carpentry for Gundy’s parents and they recommended the self-employed father to their son, the football coach. Gundy retained the carpenter to work on his new 11,000 square foot home, and Loveland ordered materials and supplies to start the job. He expected to work about 13 weeks and refused other jobs with potentially more profit to accommodate the local celebrity in Stillwater.

Problems began as the coach and his spouse wanted the carpenter on the job early.  Arising at 4 a.m., Loveland, in deference to his sleeping wife, didn’t  turn the light on and grabbed the first thing he felt in the chest of drawers — an Oklahoma baseball tee-shirt. Oklahoma, the dreaded rival of Oklahoma State, was institutiona non grata in the Grundy home, but that was unknown to the carpenter.  A lack of wardrobe knowledge is a dangerous thing in Stillwater, as is, apparently, caring too much for your wife.

After arriving at the Gundy residence to find the door locked, Loveland found the coach’s dad who let his crew into the new construction. Arriving around 9:30 a.m., our favorite pig-skin professor took instant offense — and not the football kind.  “How dare you come into my house and offend my wife”” ranted the coach (My wife? Allegedly, of course).  “How?” replied the startled carpenter. Why that “f**king shirt you have on,” came the measured reply. What followed — allegedly– was a verbal tirade against the tradesman that would “make a sailor blush,” while the poor worker begged forgiveness and the right to turn his shirt inside out. Ordered to “pack his sh*t” –allegedly — and get off the job, the wardrobe malfunctioned woodworker now claims about $30,000.00 in lost profits from the coach who earns about 15.7 million dollars for seven years of teaching guys how to throw an elliptical spheroid at one another.

Says the carpenter’s lawyer, Ed White, Esq.,  “I’m an OSU guy, so this is not a vendetta. This is simply a gentleman who’s a small business owner, he depends on his work for his livelihood and he didn’t get paid for a job where we think he was unreasonably terminated.”  Said OSU lawyer, Willie Baker, Esq. “On behalf of Coach Gundy, while I cannot discuss the specifics of pending litigation, I deny the allegations being made and welcome the opportunity to fully resolve the matter.”

Says me: “Hey Willie, me too. ”  I’d get the checkbook out to pay for this coach — allegedly — and a bar of soap.  With this guy it’s always an impassioned  defense of “my athlete,” “my wife,” my, my, my,… my, oh, my. 

You can see the suit here.


~Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

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  2. “…Loveland found the coach’s dad who let his crew into the new construction.”

    Coach Gundy has to ask himself, if his father is a reasonable man:
    Why wasn’t “my daddy” offended?

  3. BLouise: “Football coaches are a dime a dozen … skilled craftsman are hard to find.”

    My father used to say, “Those who can’t do, teach. Those who can’t teach, coach.”

  4. BLouise: “Trim carpentry or finish carpentry as it is often called, is a highly skilled aspect of the trade.”

    Conversation in Minnesota (or northern Wisconsin, upper Michigan):

    “My nephew finished his apprenticeship. He’s a finish carpenter.”

    “I thought all your nephews were Swedes.”

  5. Worked a short time with a finish carpenter, years ago. I asked him what the difference was between a “carpenter” and a “finish carpenter”.

    His response: A finish carpenter looks at a gap of 1/16th of an inch or larger, as intolerable.

    Football might be a game of inches, but in finish carpentry, an inch might as well be a mile…

  6. Blouise 1, August 13, 2011 at 11:22 pm

    Pay the journeyman craftsman what ever he asks and then get that coach into some serious mental health treatment program. He’s a sick, sick puppy and needs help.


    I’m goin’ with Blouise on this one… (And as rafflaw said, he’s quite the role-model…)

  7. AY,

    Stop it, you jokester, you.

    Trim carpentry or finish carpentry as it is often called, is a highly skilled aspect of the trade. Run your hand up and down the wood work surrounding a door or a window … seamless and smooth equals excellent finish carpentry … rough, uneven and bumpy seams equals piss-poor work. Want a a carved fireplace surround or scrolled banisters … fancy doors on your cupboards … yep, skilled work.

    These guys/gals are few and far between and they form a close knit society.

    This coach isn’t going to find a skilled craftsman willing to work on anything in his home … brick, floors, electrical, plumbing … I guarantee you the word has spread … sadly, neither are his parents …

  8. Great article Mark. This coach should be ashamed of himself and sent packing. what a great example for the young men at OSU.

  9. You can buy craftsmen at sear, kmart and various other retail stores….please check you local yellow-pages for a craftsman dealer near you….

  10. Frankly,

    You got it….No body want Nebraska to win another Championship….Its all because of the liberal media….The liberal….That same liberal media came to the cause when bankers were foreclosing on family farms…that same dam liberal media covers presidential elections…that same media covers….crop reports….But that same liberal media wants to make sure that they never win another bowl bid too….Heck, at least they only thing they have to worry about is college sports….here in Texas….Its High School….some schools may actually have A, B and C Teams…..with each have second and third string players….I kid you not…there are people that don’t have kids in schools and still follow the teams around…..Some people call em groupies….because it socially acceptable…if it wasn’t they’d call em stalkers….

    I took a few course in college and actually too one (by accident) that was a jock course….they had people taking notes for them….signed the attendance…for some reason the prof….took attendance once in a while….never saw a jock in class……

    Interesting, I just saw that the Cowboys signed a kid from Plano as a walk on….He is a Defensive back…safety…..I got interested when I read that he went to Harvard and Majored in Economics….was working as a Broker and did a walk on at spring training….he was signed the 29th of July I believe…As I understand it the Coach went to Princeton….these are the exceptions….

  11. Several years ago I was working a job in Blair Nebraska. NU had won the ‘National Championship’ the year before and then it was discovered they had quite a contingent of rapist, robbers and thugs on the team that had been given a pass because of the teams success.

    I was eating breakfast in this small cafe, there were a lot of local farmers and businessmen there discussing the news. Now I’m sure most of these men were church-going salt of the earth types, law-and-order Republicans with strong moral principles. Yet they all agreed that the only reason those young rapists, robbers and thugs were a problem was because “the damned liberal media back East just wants to make sure we can’t win another championship.” (that is a direct quote)

  12. Sport in general and football specifically in an unrepentant evil in our education system. This sort of behavior from a third rate nobody at some 4th rate clown college would not be tolerated . . . unless of course the damn team won more often than it lost.

    Look at the sorts of events that happen with “student – athletes” across the country as well as their handlers and coaches. Add to that the number of guys that are given money to attend yet never graduate largely because they lack the education and skills necessary since they have been given a pass their whole life. The realize that no college team actually pays for itself – despite the propaganda that football pays for it all – because they are all heavily subsidized either by tax dollars or private endowments. the sum total is a drain on the nation, a drain on the institution and a drain on the lives of young men who could do better without sports.

  13. Why would the University lawyer be involved in this? Shouldn’t the coach have to pay for his own lawyer since this a case that clearly does not involve the school?

  14. it’s oklahoma, what else do they have to get excited about.

    well, that and shira law.

  15. Pay the journeyman craftsman what ever he asks and then get that coach into some serious mental health treatment program. He’s a sick, sick puppy and needs help.

  16. Oh my….15.7 million….an 11k square foot house….a temper…a football coach….in the south….Hell as far as you’d know he was at a Texas High School or its equivalent….Tech where Bobby Knight went…

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