Obamas Take Separate Planes So First Lady Can Get A Few More Hours of Vacation in Martha’s Vineyard?

While I do not recall a great deal of grumbling from conservatives about George Bush’s long vacations, I have to agree with the criticism of the First Family taking two separate planes to their vacation on Martha’s Vineyard — apparently to give the First Lady a few hours head start on the vacation. At a time of tremendous economic sacrifice, it seems pretty insensitive to take separate planes and motorcades at a cost of an estimated $100,000.

Michelle Obama and her daughters arrived around 2 pm Thursday on a U.S. government jet while President Obama is scheduled to leave a few hours later with the family dog Bo.

Last December, she was criticized for spending more than $100,000 to get an early start on a vacation to Hawaii. I know folks who have been trying to get work for years and struggling to support their families. I can only imagine what they are thinking when the First Family cannot spare a few hours to save tens of thousands of dollars. Even if the First Family does not get the terrible image left by such excess, one would hope that a staffer might raise a gentle objection to such a self-indulgent approach to the use of government aircraft.

I realize that the family could get to the beach today or use those few hours, but everyone is being asked to make a few sacrifices. This would seem a rather easy choice to take one plane.

Perhaps there is something not being reported here, but if so, it would be good for the White House to explain why it was necessary to send two different planes with the attending security and other staff.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. well first off, when ever the president fly’s BOTH 28000 & 29000 planes go. which ever plane he is on, is now AIR FORCE ONE. Both planes will never sit at the same airport outside of it’s home location. the backup plane is always at a near by landing strip. just in case they need. if they were to put both plans on the strip. then the person who toke out the first plane can take out the second plane before they find him. The Secret Service’s job is to protect what ever president we have at that time, at all cost. which means taking his own car, plane, truck, & bus where ever they go. just think of how mad you were when 9/11 hit. just think of how mad you would be if someone killed our president of the united states. so yes we may not agree with everything he dose or what the secret services does. but we really don’t want anyone to kill our president no matter who he is.

  2. Has any LIBERAL ever heard the expression “A penny saved is a penny earned?” or do all of you think you are ENTITLED to whatever people who have worked and E A R N E D THEIR WELATH????
    As a child of the Great Depression, I am keenly aware of how to SAVE and not spend foolishly….sort of like taking, oh, I don’t know…the White House chef, and a dozen secretaries?????
    This nation is headed for total bankruptcy if we don’t get someone in the white house that knows how to tear up the check book.

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