Are There Any Wieners When Two Top Dogs Take Beef To Court?

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

Sara Lee Corp., maker of Ball Park franks, and Kraft Foods Inc., maker of Oscar Mayer wieners, are in a Chicago federal court. Sara Lee sued Kraft Foods over the latter’s claim that their hot dogs won a national taste test and are “100% pure beef.” Kraft Foods countersued over Sara Lee’s claim of an “all beef” hot dog and misrepresenting of a culinary award as “America’s best” hot dog.

At stake is the $1.76 billion hot dog market dominated by brands Oscar Mayer with 20% of the market, and Ball Park with 22.5% of the market.

It is highly unusual for an advertising battle to result in a lawsuit, much less go to trial. Expensive marketing campaigns may have to be dismantled and product packaging may have to be revised.

I’m not sure how much these advertising campaigns actually affect sales. These companies seem to be putting on the dog with regard to their wieners. It’s fitting that this wiener war takes place in Chicago, where they take their dogs seriously.

Although Hebrew National is rated as the top dog by Consumers Reports, its lack of a natural casing is a no-no for dog purists. The natural casing, which is not kosher, gives the dog the distinctive snap that’s required for a great dog. For Chicagoans, Vienna Beef reigns as the favorite.

H/T: Chicago Tribune.

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