7 thoughts on “The Fastest Shoelace Knot”

  1. David,

    Thank you. At age 66 I’ve finally learned how to tie my shoelace properly.
    I used the two loop method all these years because I couldn’t comprehend the tree method. My shoelaces have become undone frequently for years, so I mostly switched to moccasins. I’ve always been “knot challenged” which is the main reason I never joined the Boy Scouts.

  2. The Professor has too much time on his hands!!
    Great video David. I am not sure that I will be changing my knot tying techiniques at this point in my life although I like the 4 extra days of time.

  3. Well, I’ve always sought a better explanation for umbilical fetal strangulation, than the “Lucifer’s Nectie” mystery.

    But I don’t think Ian’s the responsible party.

  4. OS,

    Ditto…Now its nice to know that the”aglets” are finally getting the recognition that they so long deserve….

  5. That is the way I have always tied my shoes. I did not know it had a name.

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