The Manliness Gap? Scottish Men Selected As World’s Most Manly

This week, Atlantic Magazine ran a story on Rick Perry, Manly Man — a piece exploring how Perry is known to emphasize his manliness — both physically and verbally. The magazine considers how well the macho image will play across the political spectrum. However, that may be the least of the problems for the Perry camp. Word has now reached our shores of the selection of the Scots, not the Americans, as the world’s most manly specimens. Now, I take nothing from the Scots. It takes a lot of guts to wear kilts in a cold, wet climate. However, the world’s manliest? Followed close by the English? I fully expect this to become a major issue in the presidential election: the manliest gap.

I’ll give you William Wallace but Mel Gibson cut a slightly more buff image than the original. Yet, it appears that some Scot yelling “Hey! Mukker!” while supporting a sporran remains the Siren call for women around the world.

In the poll, Australian men came in second and the English came in third. Russia came in fourth — no doubt influenced by Putin’s campaign to become an action figure doll. American men were at the bottom of the list. Putin appears to be viewed as more manly than Perry.

It appears that Mr. Bean is simply too much for Americans to secure third place.

Source: Daily Record

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  1. Molly Ivins said that Anne Richards lost because the “angry white men” turned against her. They felt threatened by a strong woman especially one with a quick tongue. Anne Richards was too liberal for the state in my opinion and W ran a better campaign.

  2. SWM,

    The Bush name may have loomed large….But, it was decisive strategy that got him elected….If I recall Billy Clemons had lost his election bid to Mark White and Mark lost his election bid to Clemons 4 years later…He got too comfortable in office as well, which went to his head…He forgot, who and what got him elected…he surrounded himself with nitwits…Ann, did the same thing…once they became inaccessible…it pretty much was history….repeating itself……Bush made himself appear available as well as Perry….

    You even posted the link about Perry’s success as governor and and the reason for his popularity….rather than keeping himself in the sound bite rooms he is taking it to the people….

  3. pete, that reminds me of the “Expose Yourself to Scotland” poster you can buy at some Scottish shops. Some things are better left unknown.

  4. OS

    had an old friend who liked to ride his vintage BSA while wearing a kilt. i learned to ride at least five feet in front and not to look in the rearview.

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