I was sitting in my office an hour ago when my pictures begin to fall off the walls. It was a rare earthquake in D.C. and it was pretty exciting. I am told that it was a 5.9 quake. Of course, this could lead to Georgetown law reporting their quake as 6.0 and our revising our figures accordingly.

The epicenter was in Mineral, Virginia. The quake was four miles deep. Of course, I tried to tape students around me for my protection from flying debris but few would stand still long enough — ungrateful imps.

Everyone was evacuated outside into the quad so I decided to go home to work. I didn’t get far. In perhaps the stupiest possible move, the State Department closed off 21st street — presumably to allow its own people to evacuate. However, they kept it closed causing a bottleneck of cars. If this were a serious emergency with aftershocks, they would have created bumper to bumper traffic while the closed street remained virtually clear of people and cars.

42 thoughts on “EARTHQUAKE!”

  1. Jay,
    When I was in college in Southern Illinois, we had a tremor and the 17 story dorm that I was in was swaying so much the water in the toilet was splashing out! That tremor was enough for me. I originally thought it was the long night of “studying” that was making the room move around!

  2. Many years ago, when I was in college, a small earthquake struck. My room was on the top floor of a high-rise dorm. I was awakened on a Saturday morning by my head being repeatedly banged into the wall (by the building swaying back and forth).

    My first thought was, “I’ve got to stop drinking so much.”

    followed by “What the BLEEP?” and “I better get out of here!”

  3. Barbecuing is the only correct way to cook when it’s hot out. In Riverside, CA, the older homes (circa 1890) all have “summer kitchens” out back. In really nice houses of the era, even the indoor kitchen is in a separate building near the main house. Pre-air conditioning, no sane person would light a fire in the house when it was 113 degrees out.

  4. not original, by me….The earthquake was 5.8. Obama wanted 3.2. The Rebuplicans want 5.8 so Obama compromised.

  5. Which analogy would work best for Eric Cantor and his enablers? Earthquake, tsunami or Santa Ana wind?

    My vote is on the Santa Ana. It blows a vast amount of hot air, destroys vegetation and homes, and turns 18-wheel trucks over making it impossible for the union driver to work.

  6. Perhaps it’s a good thing the old panels didn’t make it back from France. Glad you’re okay.

  7. There was NO Earthquake….it was the Founding Fathers rolling over in their graves….

  8. You east coasters are such wimps. I had been through numerous earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest for 30 some years before I took a job in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. Spent 24 years there and there was one earthquake in the “3.somethng category”. And, every one went crazy over that one, too. You should try living around the St. Andreas fault in California. The Big One is supposed to cause all of California south of the fault to slide into the Pacific Ocean, which I think is adequate punishment for the state that gave us Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Now, if only Texas would slide into the Gulf of Mexico–a deserving fate for the state that gave this country George W. Bush.

  9. It is only a matter of hours before Pat Robertson attributes the quake to divine retribution for the socialist policies of Barack Obama.

  10. Did tootie pull a brainer on the blawg…..pete…not to repete…

  11. earthquakes today, hurricane sunday, if it starts raining frogs tuesday in washington tootie might be right and it’s gonna get biblical in the capitol.

    (by putting in the phrase “tootie might be right” i don’t need a snark tag)

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