Photos of Cracks in Washington Monument After Earthquake

This is one of the photos released today by the Park Police showing the cracks in the Washington monument. Below is another picture.

Of course, one of the favorite factoids that I share with visitors is the different color of the marble of the Washington Monument showing where the construction was stopped. Construction began in 1848 and continued until 1854. When donations dried up, the construction stopped. When construction resumed years later, the quality of the stone and work was so bad, marble was later removed. When construction resumed in 1879, it was impossible to find exact matches for the marble.

Personally, I think that they should leave the scar as one more interesting record of the monument. We all have scars to brag about.

44 thoughts on “Photos of Cracks in Washington Monument After Earthquake

  1. Seems fitting.

    We got cracks in our most iconic symbol of America.

    Maybe its a metaphor for the cracks in our society and gov’t.

  2. Well, what shall they do….oh yeah…nothing….but…they probably will have a teaparty fight about fixing our national treasures…

  3. Luckily Jshamus, most Americans are too ignorant of American history to know that the line isn’t where the flood peaked.

    Who needs history when you got facebook, phones, and TV. It’ll be much easier to flush this country down the toilet if no one knows about or cares about its history anymore. We’re getting closer by the day.

  4. Off and on topic:

    These few seconds that this was felt and some of the reactions that took place after. Sure blows a hole in those signs that you see that are usually placed over traffic lights that a particular street is an evacuation route.

  5. Time for folks in DC to go camping for a few days. Go west at least a hundred miles. Take survival gear … tents, food, water, and some form of reliable communication devices.

    Irene, after all the rain and ground saturation, could shut things down awhile.

  6. Blind Faithiness,

    It’s just another plot by the The Know-Nothings … from the grave … those bastards never give up! ūüėČ

  7. HenMan,

    And the Capitol dome … I saw the same movie … just another dastardly plot by The Know-Nothings …

  8. HenMan,

    Here’s a link to a bit of history on The Know Nothings:

    (last paragraph from article)
    “The Know-Nothing Party refused to take a stand on slavery. As a result of the party’s refusal to take a position on slavery, the Know-Nothing Party declined by the presidential election of 1860. The party did not run a candidate for president in this election, as many of its followers had joined the Republican Party.”

    And you thought I was kidding …:)

  9. Blouise,

    Can I offer my two cents… Philosophically, the party’s have reversed roles since the time they have come to existence…

    There was the North Democrat and Southern Democrats….Neither would budge and each ran it own member for President…The only party that ran both in the North and South was the Republicans and the Constitutional Union…

    Abraham Lincoln, Republican
    John C. Breckinridge, Southern Democratic
    John Bell, Constitutional Union
    Stephen A. Douglas, Democratic

    It then became know as the CU even fighting with Fillmore…..The party platform advocated compromise to save the Union, with the slogan “the Union as it is, and the Constitution as it is.

    I had posted something similar to this about a year ago…

  10. blouise, I remember the Know Nothings from history class. I think I posted last year that the tea party reminded me of them. It happened when a poster defended the tea party if you remember.

  11. Oh, the things that I learn here… I’m reminded of a quote:

    I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance. -Socrates

    (…and thanks for the ohiohistory link, Blouise.)

  12. Know-nothing is more characteristic of the democratic party. Wait, maybe it is the do-nothing party.

  13. SWM,

    If I’d gone to school during that time period…I could have learned about that party as well back then…That too was something I learned in college…a historical economics course…

  14. The Know Nothings joined with the Abolitionists which led to the success of the newly-formed Republican Party to end slavery. Even Senator Trumbull (who chastized Senator Douglass for having the support of the Know Nothings and Abolitionists) joined the Republican Party.

    To speak ill of the civil war era Republican Party is to speak ill of the efforts to end slavery.

  15. You are absolutely correct Flight of Fruit….The Democratic Party has become the do nothing party….Now the Republican Party is the do something party, exactly how…They are not much better…You will agree….Now the Fruit Fly party that shoooo’s everything did what…Oh yeah…tried to Bankrupt the economy with crazy assed lamed brained ideals…Now that is progress don’t you see….Anymore brainy act going to follow…You all have Perry the hand milker for Bush….Bachmann, Batshit crazy…. Romney…all for downsizing the work force, he has made lots of money…but kind of like Trumpt…lives off of his daddy’s fame…Huntsman….the only one smart enough to actually hold an original ideal…but does not stand a chance in hell getting the nomination…What other brains do you have to offer as a token of good will to the American People….

  16. NoWay,

    To speak ill of the civil war era Republican Party is to speak ill of the efforts to end slavery.

    Would the Republicans of anything to end slavery….or do they own businesses in localities that still use slave labor…I bet so….Where is KathyLee when you need her to speak…

  17. “The Know Nothings joined with the Abolitionists which led to the success of the newly-formed Republican Party to end slavery.” (No Way)

    No way, No Way … revisionist history based on half truth … The Know Nothings <refused to take a stand on the issue of slavery.

    From link previously provided and fact checked on several other reputable sites which you can find for yourself very easily:

    “The Know-Nothing Party intended to prevent Catholics and immigrants from being elected to political offices. …

    The majority of Know-Nothings came from middle and working-class backgrounds. These people feared competition for jobs from immigrants coming to the United States. Critics of this party named it the Know-Nothing Party because it was a secret organization. Its members would not reveal the party’s doctrines to non-members. Know-Nothings were to respond to questions about their beliefs with, “I know nothing.” The Know-Nothing Party adopted the American Party as its official name in 1854. The Know-Nothing Party quickly grew in popularity in the North, where most recent immigrants to the United States resided. In 1854, Know-Nothing candidates even won control of the Massachusetts legislature.”

  18. “Blouise,
    Can I offer my two cents‚Ķ Philosophically, the party‚Äôs have reversed roles since the time they have come to existence‚Ķ”

    Honey, I will always accept your cents … exactly, as you well remember the political operatives telling LBJ that he was going to lose the southern democrats if he kept pushing civil rights. Sure enough … they went over to the republicans, thank god. If they hadn’t the democrats would be the host upon which the teabaggers feed.

  19. SwM,

    Have you ever looked at the Monument as a “symbol of America‚Äôs power or as a symbol of our great nation”? (from the Robertson link)

    I never have … its history is downright messy and doesn’t speak well of us … hell, The Know Nothings stole the marble block sent by the Pope … in my opinion, the Monument represents us at our worse … well, okay … almost worse … we reached new lows when the government officially sanctified torture …

  20. Woosty-

    I didn’t see the Chicago freeway underpass rust stain Virgin Mary on your video. I did like the fiery bird-flip though. Apparently God’s opinion of the veracity and integrity of our two most recent Presidents. Easily my favorite is the perfect cloud portrait of my very own dimpled….er….wrinkled ass.

    Speaking of wrinkled asses, I understand that George W. Bush will be interviewed on national TV on September 11th and that he has concocted a new story to explain why he sat in the school classroom on 9-11 for several minutes looking like a bug on a windshield.

    I assume this will be a tale of such courage and such nobility that he will be immediately sucked up to heaven where he will sit at God’s right hand and become God’s very own Foreign Policy Advisor.

  21. I thought the monument had been destroyed in by a UFO too but then I’m sure it was toppled by the aliens in The Event.

  22. TPMMuckraker
    Pat Robertson On Washington Monument Crack: ‘Is That A Sign From The Lord?’ (VIDEO)

    Television evangelist Pat Robertson suggested on Thursday that a four-foot crack in the Washington Monument caused by Tuesday’s earthquake might be a sign from God.

    “Ladies and gentlemen I don’t want to get weird on this so please take it for what it’s worth,” Robertson said.

    “But it seems to me the Washington Monument is a symbol of America’s power, it has been the symbol of our great nation, we look at that monument and say this is one nation under God,” he continued.

    “Now there’s a crack in it, there’s a crack in it and it’s closed up. Is that a sign from the Lord? Is that something that has significance or is it just result of an earthquake? You judge, but I just want to bring that to your attention,” he said.

    “It seems to me symbolic,” Robinson said. “When Jesus was crucified and when he died the curtain in the Temple was rent from top to bottom and there was a tear and it was extremely symbolic. Is this symbolic? You judge.”

  23. Elaine, it is Pat Robertson who is cracked. It is way past time for him to retire and go to the house.

  24. TOPIC:
    FRIDAY, AUG 26, 2011 12:10 ET
    Hurricane forecasting one of the many things GOP doesn’t want to spend money on

    “Hurricane Irene is going to hit the United States’ east coast this weekend, as you have likely heard. It looks to be a pretty nasty storm, capable of causing billions of dollars of damage. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has been carefully tracking Irene, forecasting its path up the coast and its intensity. Of course, America’s Republican-demanded White House-encouraged austerity budget includes cuts to the NOAA. Cuts that will delay — by years — the construction and launch of an extreme weather forecasting satellite. So let’s hope there aren’t any serious hurricanes in 2016, I guess?”

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