Sunday in Paris With Eric

Here is our picture of the week from our erstwhile colleague in the City of Light, Eric Tenin.

Here is Eric’s description:

I always wonder how these painters manage to get the “big picture” with the right proportions while working so close to their subject. Then I think of Michelangelo and the ceiling of the Sistine chapel and… well I realize it was pretty much the same, only the other way around. Anyway I love this photo (and yes the dog has a lot to do with it!). FYI, I took it at Beaubourg.

Eric Tenin is the co-founder and CEO of, a mobile polling platform, but he is also a true Parisian (born and raised there). Since 2005, he’s been taking a photo of his home town every single day, to feed his (PDP) blog. Since the launch of PDP, thousands of other cities have joined his community, sharing their cities from a local view. One of his pictures is featured each Sunday on the Turley blog.

4 thoughts on “Sunday in Paris With Eric”

  1. FYI, this is not really tagging, as the artist uses chalk. It goes away after a few days, especially if it rains…

  2. They have legal tagging sites in France. There are some in the US. Venice Beach comes to mind, and I know there are others in NYC.

  3. OS,

    I said that and got castigated already….I have no problem with this…It is great stuff…Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder….

    I recall from a horticulture class this…. A weed is, only because you say it is….or something like that… it boils down to this, if its not part of what you wish to grow, it can be considered a weed….

  4. Lovely.

    It occurs to me that in many American cities, the artist would be arrested for vandalism or defacing public property. The French have an appreciation for beauty that is often lost on this side of the Atlantic.

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