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Well Mike Spindell might harbor a not-so-secret belief in UFOs as we learned last week, but me I’m the skeptic. You need to show me more than some grainy video shot by some prospector in New Mexico or some book written by a fly boy looking to supplement his government retirement to convince me. I do respond to clear videos however and here’s beauty.

Long though of a just a legend among the poor of Central and South America and the American Southwest, the Chupacabra was said to terrorize livestock and frighten farmers and their families. By most accounts, the mythical beast resembles a winged lizard or a skinny coyote-like creature and had some rather interesting vampire-like qualities as it practiced its mayhem on goats, cattle, and some of our other barnyard friends. Consigned to the ranks of Bigfoot, the Yeti, and Nessie, most folks assumed it was just another legend used to drum up tourism and scare kids into submission. Not so fast.

Maryland hospital workers have found , trapped and christened their own animal anomaly. Nicknamed “Prince Chupa” the creature resembles no other and could be mistaken for a fawn made by committee. A deer-like face with a rat-like tail, the small creature stand less than a foot high and is practically hairless. Not exactly a winged-lizard or coyote, but strange enough to call into question our presumed omniscience over the other creatures who live along with us on Planet Earth. Hamlet may have had it right.

Who knows a few more videos like this and I’ll be traveling to Area 51 on my vacation, too. Here’s the video:

Source: Huffington Post

~Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

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  1. was that “orange possom” related to the orange man (the cat with the famous hair and the John Boehner-like orange glo tan) from that show, Ancient Aliens on the History Channel?

    just sayin…..

  2. AY,
    Great twilight zone clip! That was one great show.
    those ears give it away as a fox, even with the mange. We get them here every now and then, if the coyote don’t get them first.

  3. my son, when he was around 8, said he saw an orange possum. When I told him there are no orange possums, he assured me that he had seen one out his bedroom window. I did not believe him until I saw a fox lying in the backyard with no hair on its tail. It did indeed look like an orange possum.

    When you get rid of the hair they dont look so good. When my golden retriever gets clipped he looks like an old junk yard dog. I guess just proof that clothes really do make the man or animal for that matter.

  4. Seems like I have been there before…Good point Marpo……Mark+mespo= Marpo….

  5. As a pilot I have seen lots of very strange phenomenon which are hard to explain. The FACT is that we cannot know or explain all that we observe since we are at a very low level of scientific understanding. We have only been at this for slightly over a century, since the advent of modern physics.
    Even in biology we are constantly discovering strange creatures that have totally different life forms than ours.

    So given the immense distances involved in our universe, I cannot believe that we have been visited by creatures from other worlds. If you can show that Einstein is wrong about the speed of light being the limit, and that E=mc squared is not right THEN I will revise my views. The problem is that we have only been transmitting electromagnetic emissions for about one hundred years. That means that we have announced our presence to the distance of one hundred light years which does not get you very far in the universe. So it is near impossible for us to be found out of the unlimited number of stars by others who might be looking. The only way for us to be found would be for there to be a huge amount of interstellar commerce and travel to come across our little ball of one hundred light years. Not only that, but it took BILLIONS of years for us to evolve so that cuts down the possiblities for other beings that could reach us. So while I think it is incontestable that there ARE other intelligent life forms, it is highly improbable that they have been HERE.

    It is also incontestable that UFOs are real. WHAT they are is another matter. I recall reading in Flying about Len Morgan and his experience when he was an F/O. They were flying in a Convair back in the days when cockpit doors were kept open and at night in a snowstorm. They became aware of a strange presence in the cockpit, and looked to the side and saw a basketball size ball of glowing light. The thing drifted down the planes ailse and about halfway down, it exploded with a bang. At the time scienists said that ball lighting was impossible, but it DID exist. So I know that there are LOTS of physical events which have no explanation with out current state of knowledge.

    The possibiliies are that UFOs are from outer space, that they are an unknown physical phenomenon, or that they are from the future. I think that of those options, the latter are more likely. In fact, I would think that UFOs are more than likely energy packages or probes from future Earth civilizations. That would explain why they move so fast and erratically with no problem since they have NO mass and have no effect on our physical world, but do interfere with energy transmissions. It also gets around the problem of aliens being able to find us. In fact, WE are far more interesting to ourselves than any alien might find us. Using only discrete energy gets around the relativity problems associated with mass. So I come down on the side of natural and unknown physical events, and/or energy probes from our future.

  6. That was quite intelligent of those folks not to harm the creature!

    Recent scientific research has shown us that microbes are involved in genetic control.

    Microbes are symbiont with humans now.

    One wonders if evolutionary genetics changes are taking place because of the changes taking place in the biosphere due to mass pollution?

  7. A fox indeed! Sounds like a cover-up. Why don’t They want us to know the truth? Sure looks like a Chupacabra to me. The secreys are out there!

  8. my wife works for the MD Dept. of Natural Resources. As far as they “know”, the animal in question is, in reality, a Fox with a really bad case of mange. Our fox population has boomed here in MD in the last few years, in our neighborhood we’ve actually got a couple of beastly looking critters (like the one in the picture) that have lost most of their fear of humans. The long “rat like” tail is somewhat par for the course as far as foxes go.

    Sorry to disappoint, but that’s the real deal in MD.

    Prof Turley:
    reach out for further explanation; we’re not but 30-40 mins from DC.

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