In Hot Water: Arkansas Weatherman Found In Hot Tub With Dead Man Wearing Dog Collar

Arkansas weatherman (KARK 4) Brett Cummins is at the center of a bizarre case after he was discovered in a hot tub with a dead naked man wearing a dog collar around his neck. It is still unclear what killed Dexter Williams, but (even if not charged in a homicide) Cummins could face charges on drug use or possession given a witness’s statement to police.

Cummins reportedly took Williams, 24, to the home of John Barbour around 11 p.m. Barbour said that the two men started to drink and use illegal drugs. Cummins, Williams, and Barbour then went into the Jacuzzi to have a drink. However, Barbour then left and fell asleep on the couch in the living room. When he woke up the next morning, he said that he found Cummins sleeping in the hot tub and Williams dead. He told police “Dexter’s head was lying behind Brett’s left shoulder . . . After Brett awoke they discovered that Dexter was not conscious and his face was a different color.”

The meteorologist was horrified, the report indicated.

Cummins left the scene but later returned to give a statement to the police. Police reported finding blood in the hot tub and the dog collar around Williams’ neck.

This is a case that will come down to forensics, obviously. Such scenes likely raise suspicion of autoerotic asphyxiation, but the combination of alcohol, drugs, and water could make this a simple accident. Well, maybe not simple, but an accident.

Source: NY Daily News

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    Louisiana is not my state. I live in the State of Annoyance. Just east of Confusion and west of Stupidity.

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    I’m saying I’m stunned anyone would want a person convicted of the crimes Edwards was to hold public office. However, Louisiana has a law prohibiting felons from holding office unless pardoned or if they are running for office 15 years or more after the completion of the sentence. Given Edwards age, a pardon is his only viable option.

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    Not to nitpick, but Edwin Edwards was governor of Louisiana. He was just released from prison in January of this year. The really scary part? Some people want Obama to pardon Edwards (convicted of 17 counts including racketeering, extortion, money laundering, mail fraud and wire fraud). Why? So he can run for governor again.

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