Amputee Must Prove It Every Three Years to Keep Handicapped Parking Permit

Submitted by Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

It’s nice to see our government off the “Stupid Train” for once. Swedish officials continue to require Fredrik Jansson of Skelleftea to verify that he has trouble walking after his leg was surgically amputated ten years ago. Jansson who suffered the procedure as part of his bid to fight off bone cancer, finds the regulation ridiculous.  He is mandated to see a physician to verify the loss every three years.

A prosthetic leg is not an option as Jonasson doesn’t think he would be able to manage without a disabled parking permit  since he would have to carry shopping bags using crutches, and be forced to walk some distance to his car.

“It defies all common sense,” Jansson said. “I go down to Umea once every three years and have a doctor establish my leg is still gone.”

Skelleftea Traffic Administrator Annica Persson said the tests are necessary. “It is really difficult for us to judge these things and that is why we need the medical recommendation,” Persson said. She also claims there are a limited amount of disabled driver spaces and the government has to ensure that only qualified persons have the benefit.
All of which raises the interesting question about how might one such as Jannson “disqualify” for the benefit? I’m sure Jansson would give a lot to know.
Source:  UPI
~Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

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  1. Mike Spindell:

    Thank you for pointing those out. I am in your debt.

    You must have really done well in proof-reading your papers. Catching the transposition of the z and the t is the sign of a true master.

  2. Rangle = Rangel

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    I would be much obliged if you showed little ole dense me which words were spelled wrong.

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  5. maybe so but I wouldnt be throwing stones when living in your glass house occupied by: Frank, Pelosi, Reed, Obama, Durban, Rangle, Wasserman-Schulzt, et al.

    At least my monkeys say they believe in Constitutional government. Although not so sure about Bush. Yours just abuse the law and the people.

    By the way, those werent really funny, rather elementary school. Not much imagination either. Michelle the Crazy? How many times have you heard that? And all this time I thought you were a smart guy with imagination, I am really disappointed.

  6. With the irony of history, Nixon was far more liberal than is Ms. Crowley and if he wasn’t so terribly mistaken in foreign policy might have been a good middle of the road President.

  7. Otteray Scribe: “I remember back in either 1970 or 1971 that Richard Nixon was quoted as telling a reporter that it was really hard to find good aides and assistants because all the really bright people tended to be liberals.”

    Don’t change Dicks
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