Sunday in Paris With Eric

Here is our picture of the week from our erstwhile colleague in the City of Light, Eric Tenin.

Here is Eric’s description:

I actually did not know how to photograph this sculpture initially (a beautiful piece by Daniel Hourdé called “La vérité mise à nue par ses thuriféraires” (don’t ask me to translate!), then I found this angle which I find interesting even if you cannot really see the sculpture! Anyway, in the background you probably recognized the Saint-Germain Church. As you can see the rain has returned in Paris…

Eric Tenin is the co-founder and CEO of, a mobile polling platform, but he is also a true Parisian (born and raised there). Since 2005, he’s been taking a photo of his home town every single day, to feed his (PDP) blog. Since the launch of PDP, thousands of other cities have joined his community, sharing their cities from a local view. One of his pictures is featured each Sunday on the Turley blog.

7 thoughts on “Sunday in Paris With Eric”

  1. HenMan,

    Do you have any idea how expensive it is to give a chicken an afro? That’s one pampered bird . . .

  2. Lottakatz-

    I enjoyed the art works you posted. I’m a sucker for modern art that presents an interesting concept carried out with great skill and originality.

    Re photo #3- That is one fluffy chicken! A little conditioner might help.

  3. There are some other views of this sculpture at the bottom of the page linked. The artwork is worth a slow scroll down to his work. The translation for this page stated the name as “The Truth Laid Bare By His Sycophants”.

    The name is vaguely disquieting for this day. Surely there is truth and then the information we are privy too; not necessarily the same things. Interesting how so many of the insiders and sycophant’s of the Bush Administration are coming forward with their truth lately, and soon no doubt they will begin to be overlapped with the Obama Administration sycophants and insiders. Hourdé would be kept very busy in Washington I think.

    Thanks for the picture, provocative as always.

  4. Beautiful….

    But let us not forget that the St Germain “culture” was very influential on the founding folks in the America….

    FYI, there are many folks both male and female that were called Germain…The Shepherdess to the Count, which is alleged to have been the illegitimate son of CharlesII….

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