School Allows High School Student To Continue To Play Football After Being Criminally Charged With Rape

In Michigan, parents are outraged by the decision of a high school to allow senior Mitchell Landis to continue to play football after he was arrested and charged with rape. They insist that such arrests could constitute a violation of “good behavior” standards.

Landis is charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct in the third degree, which would land him in jail for up to 30 years (though that is unlikely since such charges usually run concurrently with a maximum of 15 years). He has posted bail and resumed football for the school.

We previously saw a case in Texas of a cheerleader who was dropped from her team when she refused to cheer for a football player she accused of rape.

The mother of the victim says that the girl was raped at a friend’s house by Landis. After she went to police, she says that two men later grabbed her and raped her again in the woods. She reportedly tried to commit suicide.

The question is whether, given the presumption of innocence, the player should not be removed from the team until his guilt is proven. In this case, the police and prosecutor felt that there was sufficient evidence to bring two criminal charges. That would make this more than a simple allegation of “bad behavior” under school rules.

Source: WWMT

61 thoughts on “School Allows High School Student To Continue To Play Football After Being Criminally Charged With Rape”

  1. HELLO ALL – I AM FROM THE AREA OF THIS CRIME & KNOW THE ACCUSED PERSONALLY. So, for all you complete idiots that think he is a “threat” of the fricken football field, go screw yourselves. What is he gonna do? Rape someone on the field? Oh man, maybe he will murder someone. NO. He is, in fact, one of the absolute BEST people I have had the pleasure of meeting in my life. And I’m a girl, and I’ve been around this kid numerous times by myself, and look at me, not raped, just fine. He did not rape this girl. And he should not be punished for a crime he has not been convicted of. He is posing NO threat whatsoever at school when there are tons of people around. I also know the girl involved in the situation and funny how articles don’t release her background. She’s known around our parts as a compulsive liar. It’s like the little boy who cried wolf, except with this girl it’s always a hoax. The fact that she has tried to commit suicide after this does NOT make her story more believable for those of you who have used that as a point. In fact, it makes me think she is lying even more because she’s realizing that she made a stupid decision to accuse someone of something like this, something that ruins someone else’s life. This boy is scarred for life, his own family can’t even sit on the home side of the football stands to cheer on their son, I know, I’ve sat with them a couple weeks ago! It’s downright ridiculous the problems this is causing in the community. It has already ruined the boys life, so just let him be.

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