What Did Michelle Obama Say?

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

Debbie Schlussel says she can’t be sure, but it seems that Michelle turns to Barack and says “All of this for a damn flag.” This happened during the flag folding ceremony at the 9/11 memorial. Here’s the video:

Well some expert lip readers have put Schlussel to shame:

“It’s amazing how they fold that flag.”


31 thoughts on “What Did Michelle Obama Say?”

  1. It is clear she said something to the effect of “Look how they fold that flag.” She was admiring the ceremony. Oh no she wasn’t. That’s right, she is an angry black woman who hates “whitey” and wasn’t proud of her country until Barack starting winning the primary. Again, will the adults in the media and Washington please stand up.

  2. Raff,

    Thank you… But I have to be careful in what I say as I don’t want to be called a misogynist again…. Ya know.

  3. AY,
    Sorry to take so long to respond to your question from yesterday at 4:41pm.
    I don’t include Bachmann as a strong women because she is weak minded and just a pawn of corporate and religious interests.

  4. Frank, if there were audio, the gang at the Flock’s “News” Channel would have a parade of hired experts on to convince the sheep that the audio had been altered, absolutely, no doubt about it, and that she was really pretending that she was talking to Fred Phelps.

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