Eating Out of House and Home: Republican Opposes New Taxes By Noting That He Needs $200,000 a Year for Food

There may be need for an intervention in Congress after Rep. John Fleming, a Louisiana Republican, admitted to what appears an eating disorder. Fleming went on television to denounce Obama’s plans to tax the wealthy and explained how he really does not have a lot of income left over from earning $6.3 million a year from his string of Subway and UPS businesses. He insists that after paying taxes, salaries, and support for his businesses, he only takes home $600,000 — of which $200,000 goes to food for his family. Fleming is the father of four adult children and lives alone with his wife.

That is a lot of food. $547.95 a day. That would allow $182.65 for breakfast, $182.65 for lunch, and $182.65 for dinner. A shrimp po-boy at Copelands of New Orleans is $9.99. That would mean that Fleming could consume over 18 po-boys every night. At 414 calories a po-boy, that comes to 7452 calories just for dinner. No wonder he is the chair of the Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans and Insular Affairs. His rate of consumption alone threatens the sea and forest stock of available consumable creatures.

In fairness to Fleming, he could have meant all of his expenses in “feeding his family” given his svelte image on the House website.

Source: Business Insider

124 thoughts on “Eating Out of House and Home: Republican Opposes New Taxes By Noting That He Needs $200,000 a Year for Food”

  1. Gene H:

    Do you know another tactic beside “I know you are but what am I”, Gene?

    Because it still doesn’t work if you’re older than six.

  2. “Why is it OK to take over a third of their income? Most of it is wasted on stupid government crap like $16 muffins and bridges to nowhere.”

    It’s also spent on educating their employees, paying the Police that protect them, building the roads and streets they use for their shipments, staffing a Fire Department in case their business needs one, connecting water to their business site. Nobody gets rich in a vacuum. (Astronauts, maybe?)

  3. “it takes quite a lot of work to make $350,000 and to have over $115,000 taken from you is a big hit.”


    It also takes a lot of work to work 16 hours a day, commute for another two hours, save my employer $140 million and only get $75,000 a year, of which 1/3rd was taxes. I did it so I know. The truth is though that I and your couple didn’t work any near as hard as most American working people who earn far less, working up to 3 jobs and also paying more in taxes than your couple. However, for you in the spell of the vile Ms. Rand, the wealthier couple is more deserving of our approval and shouldn’t have to pay the more taxes than a working slob. Sadly, I’m sure you don’t have a clue as to what’s wrong with your outlook, since you are so enthralled with a philosophy that says your personal greed is good.

  4. servalmom-

    Boo Hoo!

    Last year I made $25,336 (Social Security and a puny pension) and paid no taxes, State or Federal. Would you like to trade places? As my Dad used to say when I complained about something trivial, “My heart bleeds for you!”

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